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Apology to ThePhy: I misunderstood your comment to Stripe - December 19th, 2008, 01:49 PM

I wrongly accused ThePhy of conflating heat and information in a reply of his to Stripe. I apologize to ThePhy. Correcting my misunderstanding of what ThePhy wrote to TOL's Stripe, Johnny wrote:
Originally Posted by Johnny
…if you mentally insert the words "That is" in front of ThePhy's response, you'll get a better picture of what he was saying.
OK, I understand and I apologize to ThePhy for misunderstanding his comment. I see that Phy meant, "That subject is" outside what Styer was writing about. I thought he was asserting, about Stripe's missing mechanism to convert energy into information:

You mean outside of what Styer addresses, as though he was claiming that Styer had indeed addressed such mechanisms.

I'm sorry Phy.

-Bob Enyart

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