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  1. Sherman

    President Trump's approval rating hits its highest point

    I'll see what I can do
  2. Sherman

    A little comedy break....

    Ookay. Silly. It doesn't rise to the level of being deleted IMHO.
  3. Sherman

    Pet Peeves

    Ugh! That bugs me too. It makes them sound stupid.
  4. Sherman

    You do not go to Heaven or to Hell, when you die..

    Soul Sleep.
  5. Sherman

    You do not go to Heaven or to Hell, when you die..

    This is a Seventh Day Adventist doctrine.
  6. Sherman

    You do not go to Heaven or to Hell, when you die..

    This is a bit edgy for the ECT so I moved it.
  7. Sherman

    Old forum user names

    The one I remember is Serpentdove's website here ---> She got in trouble here and on other websites for smearing people often unjustly. I explored the site and she has since taken the material down. There is a thread here that lists people too --->...
  8. Sherman


    Trump is back on twitter tweeting away.
  9. Sherman

    Ministry of Truth**

    This whole ministry of Truth is a farce. It's thought police. It's only going to make the demotards more unpopular.
  10. Sherman

    Biden's new department of propaganda control

    Biden Department of Propaganda Control is a knee jerk reaction to Musk buying Twitter.
  11. Sherman


    Bruce Jenner lives in La-La land if he thinks he's conservative. Being a tranny is not a conservative value.
  12. Sherman


    I can't watch that without throwing up in my mouth
  13. Sherman

    Dobson Not Against Homosexual on Court

    Disgusting - not disappointing.
  14. Sherman


    With it becoming a free speech platform again, I am going to start tweeting some of the good stuff from TOL
  15. Sherman


    Twitter is literally blowing up this morning after the buyout. And Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is back after Twitter suspended her.
  16. Sherman

    Biden showered with his young daughter

    Showered with his daughter?
  17. Sherman


    It isn't for anyone. You need to be browsing a section to open a new thread. If you browse 'the Rest' for example. You should be able to start a new thread.
  18. Sherman


    I looked at it, there does not seem to be an option for editing it. It may be that the forum software is getting due for an update.