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  1. Jose Fly

    Gen Z: Least Christian generation in US history

    Gen Z Is the Least Christian Generation in American History, Barna Finds Teenagers today are the most non-Christian generation in American history as only four out of 100 teens hold a true biblical worldview and one out of every eight teens identify as non-heterosexual, a new survey released by...
  2. Jose Fly

    A demonstration of the nature of creationism (and 6days)

    Since I joined ToL, I've made it pretty clear that the main reason I'm here is for entertainment. Specific to interacting with creationists here, it's the entertainment value in watching them contradict themselves and do everything they can to deny reality. This comes from my years of...
  3. Jose Fly

    Fake news: Gobbled up by conservatives, debunked by liberals

    We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned So they tracked the guy down and he agreed to an interview. Huh....imagine that. :think: I think this is going to be an emerging theme in the coming months and years....Trump voters were duped and conned, both by...
  4. Jose Fly

    Obama's approval ratings higher than Reagan's

    Barack Obama is now viewed more positively than Ronald Reagan was in 1988 President Barack Obama is now at 52% approval according to and at 56% according to Gallup. Reagan was at 51% at the end of his second term. The only president in recent times to exceed either of them? Bill...
  5. Jose Fly

    Trump holds up LGBT rainbow flag at rally

    Donald Trump Waves LGBT Rainbow Flag at Colorado Rally Huh. :think:
  6. Jose Fly

    Video: Trump says women are to him as alcohol is to alcoholics

    Yuck. :vomit:
  7. Jose Fly

    The Federalist: Elect, then impeach, Trump

    If you ever wanted a clear indication of just how awkward things are between the Republican Party and their nominee for President.... The GOP Needs to Elect Trump, then Impeach him And just what would they impeach him for? Meh....they figure he's so corrupt and such a womanizer, he'll do...
  8. Jose Fly

    I wonder if evangelicals realize what they're telling the GOP?

    One of the genuine messages I thought Trump used to connect with evangelicals was basically telling them that they've been played by the GOP over the last few decades. The Republican Party would run candidates for national office and include as part of their agenda stacking the Supreme Court...
  9. Jose Fly

    This is how science is done

    Carl Zimmer is a successful and highly-regarded science journalist, and last month he wrote a fascinating description of an amazing research project... A Single Migration From Africa Populated the World, Studies Find And lest anyone think the scientists involved just sat around and "assumed...
  10. Jose Fly

    New Study on "Rise of the Nones"

    The Public Religion Research Institute recently released a new study on the rapid rise of "nones" (people who claim no religion) in the US. Some of their findings... First, "nones" have risen so rapidly they are now the single largest religious category in the US. This is amazing, given...
  11. Jose Fly

    The Bundy Bunch Trial Begins

    The trial for the remaining occupiers of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge has begun in Portland this week. You can CLICK HERE to follow Oregon Public Radio's coverage of the trial. Updates to follow as the trial proceeds.
  12. Jose Fly

    Obama's approval ratings near 60%

    Obama’s soaring approval numbers are very good news for Hillary Clinton His ratings are comparable to the last Democratic President's: Bill Clinton's Approval Ratings. Now compare that with the last Republican President, where he struggled to stay above 30% in his last year: George W. Bush...
  13. Jose Fly

    Trump supporters subjected to "extreme vetting"....and fail

    How do Trump's own supporters stand up to the "extreme vetting" their candidate wants to put potential immigrants through? Watch....
  14. Jose Fly

    How the Tea Party went from political movement to pyramid scheme

    How We Killed the Tea Party The article is written by an insider who worked for Tea Party organizations and contains some fascinating information. It starts off... And how did they do this? So it did begin as a true political movement, but then... And what did they do with the money they...
  15. Jose Fly

    Now it's Arkansas' turn

    Remember all the drama over Oklahoma erecting a 10 Commandments monument at their state capitol? Remember how the Satanic Temple exposed their plan of exclusivity by applying to erect their own statue at the state capitol? Remember how it ended with the 10 Commandments monument being taken...
  16. Jose Fly

    Trump 2007, W. Bush to blame for Iraq and Hillary is "brilliant" and "a friend"

    Trump 2007, W. Bush to blame for Iraq and Hillary is "brilliant" and "a friend" From an interview Trump had with Wolf Blitzer in 2007.... So W. Bush was to blame for the disaster in Iraq. Ok, so what did 2007 Trump think we should do? We should get out? Huh.....that's exactly what Obama...
  17. Jose Fly

    Christian Post: Donald Trump is a Scam

    Donald Trump Is a Scam. Evangelical Voters Should Back Away (CP Editorial) Huh...never knew the Christian Post was part of the liberal media. :think:
  18. Jose Fly

    Kent Hovind, what a small world

    Many here will remember Kent Hovind, aka "Dr. Dino", the young-earth creationist, sovereign citizen advocate, and convicted felon. Since he was released from prison there's been quite a lot going on, and some of it overlaps with other prominent issues that have been discussed here. First, his...
  19. Jose Fly

    Same-sex marriage, one year later

    It's been one year since the SCOTUS ruling allowing same-sex couples to get legally married. Immediately after that ruling, Christian leaders, politicians, and pastors across the country assured everyone that all sorts of legal consequences were about to befall good innocent Christians. The...
  20. Jose Fly

    Texas county pays atheists

    Texas county bans patrol car crosses to settle atheist lawsuit Good form by the plaintiffs only taking $1 each, thereby demonstrating this is about principle rather than money. Funny how, when it's convenient, some Christians are so quick to argue that the cross has nothing to do with...