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  1. Ktoyou

    Ahmaud Arbery trial, found guilty!

    On all counts Travis McMichael, guilty. Greg McMichael guilty of all accounts except count 1. William R Bryan guilty of felony murder
  2. Ktoyou

    Dinosaurs are fake and leads to atheism!

    Dinosaurs are a big myth meant to entertain us by giving us the impression that some lively creatures roamed the earth before God's creation. We all know God created the world and all life more recent than espoused in evolutionary theory, which claims life evolved without a creator, yet even...
  3. Ktoyou

    Make TOL Great Again

    The forum seems to be in a slump. not what it once was. Too silly, and insincere. I think we all could do better. Remember what we once had here. What can we do to make TOL great again? Kat:wave2:
  4. Ktoyou

    Senior Centers Close in Florida

    :help: No more card games, dominoes and dinner. The Mayor, Gimenez said his top worry centers on senior centers where clients arrive for a meal and social activities, but return home at the end of the day. “The nursing homes, they have medical personnel. "While I’m concerned, I’m not as...
  5. Ktoyou

    Trump: Racist Firestorm

    Donald Trump is now being called a racist,well we know he really is not such a raciest, but he is against poor people, especially immigrants. It is poor immigrant he dislikes. He believes that poor immigrants will lower the average wealth in the USA. He does not like cultural differences.
  6. Ktoyou

    What happened to Angel?

  7. Ktoyou

    Church Music

    I have to admit, as much as I like rock music and most jazz, I dislike the rock music that is often played in church today! What I have always liked best is music once common to Catholic churches, that old choral and atonal music dating back to the 14th and 15th century. I thought it might be...
  8. Ktoyou

    It isn't that people are living longer

    It isn't that people are living longer, is is they are dying slower. I see them at the senior centre; the folks in their late 70s playing dominoes not doing much else. When they are in their mid to late 80s they are in wheelchairs falling asleep playing dominoes. I try to get out and play golf...
  9. Ktoyou

    When I Felt Lowest in My Faith

    I began when I was about five years old; I would lie in bed at night and think, "What if God did not like me, then where would I go?" "Who would care about me, if not God, some other supreme being?" Being a precocious and capricious child, I would ask my parents and the minister about how would...
  10. Ktoyou

    Guess What?

    I do not know who Alex Jones is, and why would I care? Who is paying me to know these people? I have no need to care about some media or modern celebrities, if that is what it is? I never really liked celebrities much.:grave::wave:
  11. Ktoyou

    What kind of thread would you like most to respond?

    How about a nice commie thread? What about a thread on capitalism rules the world? What about a good ole atheist thread? What about God not creating miracles today? just do not tell me you would like most another Jesus is not really God thread? If that is what you want to respond to, then crawl...
  12. Ktoyou

    Donald Trump has become dangerously unhinged.

    I thought he was an unfit wacko from the start. Does he have to alienate everybody? The only voters who had any kind of sensible reason for voting for him were those who wanted the USA to avoid being more a welfare state and rich people who did not understand, or were unwilling to understand...
  13. Ktoyou

    Whatever happemed to little Meshak?

    I have not seen Meshak is some while now and she is a lifetime member, so why is she still banned? What did she do? She does not mean as much harm as some take her to mean.I am worried about her?
  14. Ktoyou

    ECT Nicer Than God; Remix

    This is a remix of Clete’s original thread. Nicer Than God Christians today are nicer than God. Or at least they are trying to be so. In the Church there is a standard of niceness that Jesus failed to reach while on earth. Comparing God’s attitude and behavior with that of the Church today...
  15. Ktoyou

    Original Sin, and its Essence

    This is a thread for understanding what is Original Sin. Is it real, did God punish all because of Adam's sin? What is the meaning? Was it a Catholic Church invention? Post what you think on this topic. I am willing to write on it if asked nicely; I don't care to make statements for anyone...
  16. Ktoyou

    Woman wants to Divorce Man because He has a Potbelly and is going Bald!

    .....but it is not that simple! The man had previously married a woman because the baby-face playgirl types he was attracted to showed no interest in him. He told his first wife; " I married you because my ideal woman would never give me a second look, but when I was in my 30s, many of these...
  17. Ktoyou

    What Does Religious Liberty Mean ?

    I was thinking, hearing politicians on TV talk about preserving religious liberally and it seems to me this means forcing some folks to practice religion in indirect ways. We have always had laws for not selling alcohol on Sunday, yet now that I think about it, these laws infringe on all those...
  18. Ktoyou

    Racial Bigots

    There are racist bigots and no training will change that. If you came into adulthood after the mid-seventies, then you developed in a world, which was sensitive to racism, and did not condone it. It seems to me the only racists who have a cultural biased excuse are those who achieved adulthood...
  19. Ktoyou

    Kat on Homosexuality and the Proper Means of Relating to Abnormal Persons

    Differences between a wacko and a normal person on homosexuality This is aimed at those who dislike homosexuality. Now, I have studied psychoanalysis and from that position, I see homosexuality as a mental illness. Most on here who disapprove of homosexuality base it on religious reasons and...
  20. Ktoyou

    Punish all drug users!

    The real problem with drug abuse is not the suppliers and dealers, but the users. If there was no demand for these stupid narco and speed drugs, the supply business would go away. Figure it this way; their are some big suppliers who sell the junk, but have never been stupid to use it...