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    His Fraudulency II likes to kill babies. Even the Washington Post agrees.
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    HIs Fraudulency II gives storm aid to Texas

    With friends like this, who needs enemies.
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    His Fraudulency II oks concentration camps.

    As long as they aren't him and his, why should he care. Biden says Uighur genocide is part of China's 'different norms' (
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    Math Teachers are racist.

    The leftists have identified the reason why they can't do math . . . their math teachers were racists. Don't worry! Leftists are going to fix the math teachers like they fixed the Texas power grid. Just force them to re-educate themselves not to be racists. Administrators need to make sure...
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    Covid vaccine recipients develop rare blood disorder. I still plan to get it when it becomes available to me. It would be an interesting way to die. "Officials with the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said...
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    Cat Video

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    Biden stomps on Native American treaties.

    Joe Biden is a man after Andrew Jackson's heart. Treaty?! What treaty!
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    Democrats claim election fraud in 2020 election.
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    The CCP disease more than once?

    My job involves meeting large numbers of people and I've been told by three people - in person - about how they caught the CCP virus twice. Anyone else hear similarly?
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    AOC says Cruz tried to murder her. I just thought this was funny and silly.
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    Well, at least we have Texas . . .
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    Biden admits lockdowns and masks don't work. Well, at least he's more truthful than the leftist morons on this forum.
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    Biden puts a bust of Chavez in prominent position

    Does this mean that Biden will continue Trump's border policies? Not likely. I think that he is simply playing on the ignorance of leftists.
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    And people insisted it wasn't Antifa at the capitol . . . No way Antifa would attack the Capitol . . . yeah...
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    The 1776 report.

    Something tells me that the Whitehouse link will soon die after the anti-American President gets sworn in - so I attached it here. It's an interesting read.
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    Hypocrisy of Amazon and Twitter.

    I've posted this for all the Twits in Twitters who think that what Amazon did was A-OK.
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    Democrat demonstrates how masks don't work.
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    The hypocrisy of the left.

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    The CCP are the new Nazis

    And President-Elect Biden is in their pocket.
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    The Real Collusion.

    The real collusion to destroy democracy and institute full control has been shown over this past weekend. Apple, Google, Amazon, and many others colluded to deny free speech to millions of people and to smash the competition. This collusion does violates anti-trust laws. We are right back to...