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  1. Yorzhik

    One on One: Miller/Urey shows that life cannot form naturally

    The laws of thermodynamics also prohibit cells from arising spontaneously, and smaller DNA molecules from becoming bigger DNA molecules (that work). Therefore, Miller/Urey proves (and by "prove" I mean "lends strong evidence to") that life cannot form naturally.
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    Yorzhik's POTD 7-26-04

    Poly really did put everything in context: Click here for context:
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    Yorzhik POTD 6-17-04

    Hilston - clear and able to stand on it's own: The rest of the post is here:
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    Yorzhik's POTD 6-15-04

    My first. Good enough to stand on its own, this is just a part of this substantial post: Get the rest of the post here: