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    Christian dating sites

    What is your opinion about Christian dating sites? Are they helpful for single Christians who want to start searching for a future spouse? Should Christians engage in online dating with other Christians or should they seek romantic companionship only in their real-life communities? :cool:
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    Is mental illness a punishment for sin?

    The Old Testament tells us that God punished King Saul by allowing an evil spirit to torment him. In what way, it is not very clear, but from Sault's erratic behavior, I conclude that it was some sort of mental illness (paranoia, schizophrenia, OCD etc.). Can we take this incident as an example...
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    Why are the wages of sin death?

    The Bible mentions that the wages of sin are constituted by death, but does it explain why God decided it to be like that? Was it even His decision or was it a natural / intrinsic consequence of the fact that God is the source of life and sin is the opposite of God, therefore leading to death...
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    Are Americans interested in international politics?

    People all over the world seem to be very fascinated with American politics. Whenever elections take place in the USA, almost everyone on the internet discusses about the topic. Trump is the focus of every political sub-forum online, even in communities from Europe, Asia and Africa. It makes me...
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    Hello! I was told that I have to post an introduction thread. My name is Lucian, I'm an Eastern-Orthodox Christian and I decided to join this community in order to engage in interesting conversations about theology... and maybe make some new friends, who knows? Heh. I'll make sure to get...