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    Seth Rich; A Tidy Package

    The more people who have to be involved in a conspiracy, the less likely it is that it actually happened, as a rule. If you see someone spinning a narrative around hundreds or thousands of participants, it's pretty likely that it's not real, an attempt to fit a narrative to a crude set of...
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    The Rump Congress and the Christmas Coup

    It's sure looking like we're facing an impending coup. Donald Trump is an authoritarian who does not recognize the rule of law, and does not permit any sort of accountability for himself. He has been attacking the investigations against him all year, but in the last week, members of his own...
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    Explain Conservatism

    Can someone (a conservative) please explain conservatism to me in the age of Trump? It's main principles, it's ideals, what it's supposed to stand for? Because it's really hard to tell if there's anything but naked partisanship and leader-worship. Feel free to lay out any part of it, or an...
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    Trump: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    Oh, that was news to me. I hadn't heard yet.
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    Law v. Order

    Last night, the self-designated party of "law and order" elected Greg Gianforte, a man who had just committed assault against a reporter, to Congress. This may seem strange at first glance, given that this party has spent so much of its energy criticizing various groups like Black Lives Matter...
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    Mike Pence needs a Safe Space

    Recently, Donald Trump used his Big Beautiful Twitter account to complain that his soon-to-be VP got a bit of attention at a recent showing of Hamilton: Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing.This should not happen...
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    The Easiest Election In History

    It's been a long and grueling election season, seemingly one that started even before the last midterms. There's been some high drama, some tough primaries, some genuine courage (, and some terrifying indications of...
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    The Price of a Life - $10,000?

    The United States has one of the only for-profit health care systems in the developed world. Health care in the US is vastly profitable (, and the problem is only getting worse...
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    More liberal censorship in, an attempt to censor a liberal media outlet. Mother Jones posted this article (, explaining a lawsuit that they were defending from a Romney mega-donor who didn't like how they described him. Now, I...
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    Please, split your infinitives

    Recently, I read an article about that discussed Steven Pinker's contention that the prescription against splitting infinitives is a bogus rule, and that there is no reason to have it. I would argue that, not only is that rule bogus, and that it represents a blatant Latinism, but that most of...