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  1. Sherman

    Can someone believe in God but not attend church?

    A thorny question, but I want to hear what members think.
  2. Sherman

    Lon Passed away.

    It was announced on CF where he worked as a moderator. He was having health issues and they finally caught up with him. He passed away on March 17th.
  3. Sherman

    The Current UPDATED TOL Ten Commandments

    TOL is entering its 25th year. The following rules are the most current commandments for our forum. Follow these rules and you will be a happy camper here on TOL. Break these rules and you will likely be banned. Keep in mind TOL is a biased forum, leaning very far to the Christian right, and...
  4. Sherman

    Announcement - The Help Desk.

    This is where you take questions. No one can see your thread but you and the staff members. Even if you are banned you can still open a thread and communicate with staff. Hopefully, this can smooth some things over. We have decided to do this because emails have been getting lost. So if you...
  5. Sherman


    Since we are seeing an influx of members interested in these kinds of discussions the administration has decided to open a section dedicated to these topics. There is one simple rule in addition to the rest of TOL's rules in this section. Do not accuse members that do not subscribe to these...
  6. Sherman

    3 Myths From Trans Folklorists

    Changing genders is a myth and trans folklorists who promote it are harming people, especially children vulnerable to believing fairy tales can come true. - Walt Heyer You can find the rest of his informative article below...
  7. Sherman

    What book, in addition to the Bible, do you most want to read this year?

    Trying to get away from much of the slap and blat discussions, let's try to delve into something friendly. What book, aside from the bible do you wish to tackle this year? I just bought a book on General Grant. To Rescue the Republic by Brett Baier.
  8. Sherman

    A fake Holiday

    My husband found this on Facebook. Real eye opener.
  9. Sherman

    The core of Liberalism

    My husband found this on Facebook and it is very accurate assessment of modern Liberalism.
  10. Sherman

    The Quack Watch

    The purpose of this thread is to look at the influential quacks out there. Some of them are going to be worse than others. Rashid Buttar: Rashid Ali Buttar is an American osteopathic physician from Charlotte, North Carolina. He doesn't sound nutty yet. He uses chelation therapy for quite a...
  11. Sherman

    The genesis of the Vaccine misinformation

    This is probably not going to be popular. While I am conservative - anti abortion and anti LGBT I don't share the views of many on here concerning vaccines and I will get into why. I have a deep abiding distrust of the information about the vaccines floating out there. I watched first hand...
  12. Sherman

    The Star Spangled Banner as you Never heard it.

    Facebook covered this up because this is more legend than history. One of the fun stories that is told around the fire or when visiting a historic site.
  13. Sherman

    Brain Dead Girl changes pledge of Allegiance

    Truly brain dead. Student says 'One Nation, under Allah'
  14. Sherman

    Concerning Racists

    I have just added you to ban list. You are a vile perfidious lot and I will kick you from TOL with prejudice.
  15. Sherman

    ThThurs: Genesis Creation Pt. 7 - Jan 21, 2021

    Genesis-Creation: A rock cannot make itself and a fire cannot burn forever. Matter cannot come from non-matter and a perpetual motion machine cannot exist. Therefore, the universe could not have made itself from nothing, nor could it have always been moving, churning, working, and burning...
  16. Sherman

    Slow News Day... No, No News Day... No, Dead News Day - Jan 20, 2021

    Bob opens with a few comments about all the businesses in D.C. burned down two weeks ago by the hundreds of thousands of Trump's Stop-the-Steal attendees who didn't go to the Capitol, and how that explains the 25,000 national guardsmen there today with nothing to do but stand in line for food...
  17. Sherman

    Biden appoints Nutjob as Assistant Health Secretary

    From the link below: Levine — Pennsylvania's health secretary — last year defended the state's policy of placing elderly COVID-19 patients into nursing homes And to quote Biden from this link: "Dr. Rachel Levine will bring the steady leadership and essential expertise we need to get people...
  18. Sherman

    "Heretic" guy Pt. 2 - Jan 19, 2021

    Hear the continuation of the thread from a Mr. Cory Albright who called Bob a heretic. Bob also invites those within the sound of his (broadcast) voice to Colorado Right To Life's annual March for Abolition this Saturday, Jan. 23 at 10 a.m. at Planned Parenthood 7155 E 38th Ave., Denver CO...
  19. Sherman

    Hearing out the guy who called Bob a heretic - Jan 18, 2021

    Hear the thread from our YouTube channel that began when a Mr. Cory Albright called Bob a heretic. Bob also reminds listeners that pro-homosexual Curt, who we've sparred with, World Series MVP pitcher, has been "canceled" by his own insurance company, AIG. Wow. (Wish we'd...