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    A Summary of the Manganese Thread

    Now that Bob Enyart has withdrawn himself from the manganese nodule debate, I offer this thread as a testament to what sort of reasoning we are dealing with here. I realize how difficult it is to follow an argument unless you are actually participating or watching the thread daily. Below I have...
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    "Did Life Evolve" program.. is an intellectual farce. The fact that it is paraded as an honest criticism of evolution is saddening. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of biology would see the obvious flaws with that program. This leads me to question both the author's education. Again...
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    Substantiate your claim: Neandertals found with 5 different kinds of musical instrume

    I didn't see this addressed by anyone, so hopefully Bob will either substantiate his claim or correct himself on the air.
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    Inerrancy of Scripture

    Why is it that the Bible is considered inerrant by Christians? I'm a Christian struggling with the concept of inerrancy. I've been told that it is a matter of faith, and I would agree. However, I cannot find the reason we have that faith. What is the basis for that belief? It seems like a bunch...