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  1. MarcATL

    Where Does It Say In The Bible That You Go Directly To Heaven When You Die?

    Moreover, where does the theology that people are "looking down on us" from heaven? Where does that come from? I noticed in during the Billy Graham funeral his daughter said that "Daddy was in heaven", but then she turned around and quoted 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 which literally contradicts...
  2. MarcATL

    Remember When 45, As A Candidate, Said He'll Only Pick The Best of the Best?

    Well get a load of this... NBC News on Twitter Is this acceptable to Republicans, and even 45's supporters? If so, would you have had the same answer if President Obama elected the same type of people?
  3. MarcATL

    Why Do So Many Self-Proclaimed Christians Celebrate Halloween?

    Don't they know what it represents? Former Satanist Warns Christians about Celebrating Halloween Do you celebrate Halloween? Why/Why not?
  4. MarcATL

    Are You Ready For Jesus To Come?

    If the trumpets were to sound and our Lord were to pierce the clouds right now as you read and/or type here on TOL, would you be ready to meet Him in the air in peace? Or would you be among the group that would cry out for the rocks to fall on you because you cannot bear to behold His light...
  5. MarcATL

    What Do You Think Is Trump's Role In Last Day Events?

    How about America? Where does she play into it?
  6. MarcATL

    Who Knew It Would Be Trump That Conviced The GOP Base To Support Amnesty?

    This was the question asked by Rush Limbaugh on his radio show today, in a fit of laughter as he sympathized with Ann Coulter, who just wrote a book about how Trump was the man to put a stop to America's supposed slackness on immigration. Rush Limbaugh Literally Can’t Stop Laughing at the...
  7. MarcATL

    Devotion & Worship Thread

    This is for those that want to share and/or discuss worship and/or devotional thoughts, concepts and/or scripture.
  8. MarcATL

    Another Republican Pervert Gets Caught Engaging In Deviant Activities

    We've had the toe-tapping Republican Senator, Larry Craig, Josh Duggart, Dennis Hastert, And now this... Republican Mayor Arrested Over Underage Strip Poker Game And this dude was a so-called "evangelical." When will the madness stop with these perverts? #SMH
  9. MarcATL

    The Conspicuous Thing That Was Missing from The 2016 Republican National Convention..

    The mention of God. It was nary to be found. Usually it's all about God, Guns & Gays. This time it was just Guns & Gays (this time they so-called "accepted" them though) The GOP’s Godless Convention Meanwhile, the Democratic National Convention was filled with the mention of God, even had...
  10. MarcATL

    So, How Are All The Self-Proclaimed Conservatives Holding Up?

    You guys have had a pretty tough couple of weeks. No signs of it "easing up" for you either. So how have the local TOL cons been processing everything? Are you guys OK?
  11. MarcATL

    Must-See Late Night Clip: Dana Carvey Contrasts Obama and Bush on Conan

    I was surprised that Dana Carvey did such a good Obama impression. He's really got a gift. Check it out: Must-See Late Night Clip: Dana Carvey Contrasts Obama and Bush on Conan
  12. MarcATL

    Greetings Brothers & Sisters, I'm MarcATL...How Are You?

    Didn't mean to register, got introduced to this site because it came up in my Tapatalk app, and I found myself occasionally reading some of the threads, after ignoring it for a long long time. Was lurking for about 3 weeks and then 2 days ago came across a thread that made me feel like I should...