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    What is good about your life?

    I am fortunate to have a wonderful family, home and neighbourhood. I enjoy my hobbies, particularly my digital artwork as creating a picture for someone seems to make them happy!
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    The personality of Jesus

    If the gospel accounts of the character of Jesus have any veracity, he doesn't come over as perfect by any means. It doesn't mean he was a bad person, but the same as the rest of us, who have good points and bad points. Very is little is recorded about Jesus before he became an itinerant...
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    'You must be 'born again' or else'!

    This was the theme of my childhood, slammed into me by my parents and the ghastly Pentecostal church I was forced to attend. I resisted until I was eleven before giving into the pressure of giving 'my heart to Jesus'. I played the part but never felt comfortable with the concept. I never had the...
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    Hello from the United Kingdom

    I will see how I make out on this forum. I am a woman, an agnostic, although a Christian many years ago.