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  1. Word based mystic

    rabbi warns america of prophetic judgement. well said.
  2. Word based mystic

    God in the dna?
  3. Word based mystic

    secular songs that you sanctify or convert.

    my favorite secular song i converted is faithfully by journey
  4. Word based mystic

    the mentalist patrick jane. have you ever met anyone like him???

    Has anyone ever met someone like the mentalist on the mentalist show???
  5. Word based mystic

    special rights for gays explained
  6. Word based mystic

    yet sadly andy stanley seems to prevaricate on issue of homosexuality
  7. Word based mystic

    1.6% of U.S. population is gay or lesbian yet seem to control public opinion

    what an incredible demonic sponsored media blitz
  8. Word based mystic

    hubble pic of jesus only viewable on earth

    this view on earth at precisely the right time reveals a picture showing Christ Holding a cup
  9. Word based mystic

    science update
  10. Word based mystic

    pedophilia not a crime. is this a true article??
  11. Word based mystic

    meanings, origins and favorite cliches

    raining cats and dogs i.e. came from northern european harsh weather. cats and dogs and sometimes pigs would be put (up) above in rafters and open area attic areas in huts and hovels. usually when winter was rough. when strong rains came the rafters and attic area would become moist and wet...
  12. Word based mystic

    jawbone proves missing link/evolution

    cbs news this morning just announced that a small portion of a jawbone that is near 400k years ago proves the missing link. kind of like finding a chopped off finger and coming to the conclusion that it belonged to a republican.
  13. Word based mystic

    truster does not believe that God answers prayers and that all things are possible

    Truster Does not believe that God answers prayers. He also does not believe that all things are possible for those who believe. I told a testimony on a different thread and he calls me a liar. Anybody have any idea why Truster does not trust? or why he is more inclined to believe that Satan...
  14. Word based mystic


    testimonies from mission trips or outreach times. personal testimonies of what God did during outreach times. No criticism please. please share some testimonies. small or large all are welcome. revelation 12:11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of...
  15. Word based mystic

    was cain and abel inside or outside the garden of eden?

    Was cain and abel inside or outside the garden of eden after abels murder?
  16. Word based mystic

    newbie questions about this site.

    how do I know if someone replied to a thread i commented on? Also where do i ask questions? not much of an intuitive online person. just learning. also I saw chat area/box but no place to type?