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  1. Eeset

    The earth is flat and we never went to the moon--Part II

    You obviously have never been trained in celestial navigation. :(
  2. Eeset

    Which one is correct?

    If one religion is right then the rest of them are wrong. How would you choose?
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    You have been removed from this thread

    Oh no!
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    Why are millions starving while grains and corn are in surplus?

    Something is terribly wrong with civilization. Surplus food sits rotting while millions starve. The ships, manpower, fuel and other resources needed to provide the food to those who are starving exist. The only missing ingredient is the power of the purse. So .... how does our society address...
  5. Eeset

    The NEW-UPDATED 10 TOL Commandments

    I'm thinking about that. :)
  6. Eeset

    The NEW-UPDATED 10 TOL Commandments

    What if I don't want to think?
  7. Eeset

    Why can't we bring the troops home?

    Before WW2 we did not maintain a worldwide military force. Now we have a global force and spend trillions on it. It is actually our biggest industry. Do you think this makes sense?
  8. Eeset

    The earth is flat and we never went to the moon

    Where does the Sun go at night?
  9. Eeset

    Wind in my hair. :)

    My state has no helmet law for motorcycle riders. It is time for a new bike. I want something light and easy to handle yet still cruise worthy. Any suggestions?
  10. Eeset

    Dear John:

    After much prayer and introspection I have decided to accept your apology.
  11. Eeset

    Dearest Chrysostom please accept my apology

    I have always enjoyed your awards threads. They have always been lighthearted fun laced with humorous comments by the nominees as well as a place to enjoy idle banter. But alas, it seems that I stepped over the line and offended powerful forces. I suppose that I should have been more careful and...
  12. Eeset

    Sheesh, now I have to figure out how this new stuff works!

    Just when I got comfortable with old TOL now we get new TOL!
  13. Eeset

    And then there were five.

    After New Hampshire Carly and Christie are out. Carson is out too but won't admit it until after the South Carolina primary. That leaves Trump, Kasich, Cruz, Bush and Rubio. Either Rubio or Bush will stumble in South Carolina. Cruz will hang around through Super Tuesday but that will sink...
  14. Eeset

    Rate them in the Jan 14th debate.

    1. Trump - best of the bunch and that is sad. 2. Kasich - good handle on the issues 3. Christie - Not top tier but maybe vp material 4. Cruz - pushed to the curb tonight 5. Rubio - struggled and lost 6. Bush - Who? 7. Carson - nice guys finish last. he is toast.
  15. Eeset

    Primary differences

    All the primaries for the Democrats use proportional representation. That means if you get 30% of the vote then you get 30% of the delegates in that state. Not so with the Republicans. Many of the Republican primaries are either winner take all or winner take most. That means if you get 30% of...
  16. Eeset

    Santa Clause theology, naughty or nice.

    Santa Clause theology says your reward or punishment will be meted out in the here and now with strippers being raped and chaste women provided for by wonderful husbands, three bright children and at least a Mercedes. Some people can even twist Scripture to support this view. News flash ...
  17. Eeset

    Golan Heights Oil - Israel wants it!

    Why aren't we seeing media coverage on this topic? In early October a massive oil find was announced in the Golan Heights. Israel wants to claim the Golan Heights as part of its territory. There is enough oil to make Israel energy independent for decades and perhaps for a century. There is...
  18. Eeset

    The Bible profit motive

    The KJV could not be copyrighted. It was public domain. If you want to make money from the Bible then you must come up with a new translation. Now you know the reason so many new versions were created in the twentieth century.