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    Time doesn't exist.

    Ancient aliens isn't that about aliens? And not about the laws of conservation or Einstein or even Hawkins. I read Mr.
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    Time doesn't exist.

    Don't even know what that is but you do. Just like energy which cannot be created nor can it be destroyed God who is Spirit which cannot be seen But A force that moves he cannot be...
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    Time doesn't exist.

    Thank you for your response I disagree with you on most of the things you said. And I am good at telling another they can believe what they choose as can I, so even if it wasn't said by you under consideration I still thank you for saying it. Goodbye ! judgerightly -- duh
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    Future Mark of the Beast ?????

    Dear sir I said "future" Mark the Beast - at the present point and what is called time it isn't. It just another means to expand technology and make life simpler and people lazier. You are so positive to say no it isn't. And I am so positive to say that it is the future mark of the beast...
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    Future Mark of the Beast ????? Implants in the hand feature=shared Sounds so much like Revelation 13:16 and how it can be initiated
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    Time doesn't exist.

    I have always said long before I learned what science is now beginning to say -time does not exist - God created time for the benefit of man to measure his existence by. The end of days signifies the end of time. Read their studies, I believe it was Albert Einstein who said everything is...
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    Merry Christmas

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    Young Earth or Old?

    Good point .... There are a few ministers who are actually beginning to teach that the correct translation in Genesis should be the Earth *became* void and without form. And that would support why God told man to be fruitful multiply and *replenish* the Earth. And there is a strong...
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    Rethinking Planetary Evolution Scientists think they know - yet they continue to make discoveries that refute their analysis. A fairly good read.
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    My Problem with Creation Science

    That's a a good way to view life. The purpose of the Bible is for us to not only have faith but to live according to God's word. Me I Am naturally curious, I was curious as a child. I remember hearing the preacher say that Cain married his sister that never computed in my brain because the...
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    Is there any obvious evidence today for the biblical global Flood?

    Thank you - I just read a bit of what's online and I find it interesting. I learned a few years back that scientists are now saying that the Earth was once a water world. Somewhere in the beginning there was no visible land. Isaiah is giving reference to why some ministers believe that the...
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    How did DNA originate?

    Scientifically they say that either DNA came from and that includes RNA, asteroids which fell to Earth, meaning from outer space or it sprung up spontaneously in the primordial soup mix. And evidence is greatly growing have extraterrestrial activities and to those who have witnessed those...
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    Genesis 1:1-3: How is liquid water present prior to 'light'?

    Life forms on Earth require water - do the Angels require water - do God require water? Those are the only life forms that has been written about, that man has witnessed, that lives outside of the earth. We know the angels can change forms and appear as men but is that actually reality or are...
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    Is there any obvious evidence today for the biblical global Flood?

    Right at the flood the Bible says in Genesis 7:11 that the fountains of the great deep opened up and the the windows of heaven were open. Isn't it possible that not only did it rain water but water came from the depths of the Earth, the great deep.
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    Young Earth or Old?

    I don't know what's wrong with some people. I have address my point of view and gave links. Here's another link even Strong's concordance gives the definitions of the Hebrew word y o m and states a life time - uses Ever(lasting) / (for) ever / always / space / process of time / in it's...
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    climate change is a religion and unfalsifiable Climate change means long-term shifts in weather patterns. More heat less heat more rain less rain - more snow less snow has to do with the weather which is the result of changes in the climate. If the scientists are wrong and there is no...
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    Bigfoot is Real

    That's a very old video and it looks like a human in a suit. A wild creature walking away from man as in some type of fear and constantly looking back towards the cameraman. No
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    Young Earth or Old?

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    Young Earth or Old?

    Tin Man I am having a honest conversation nothing I said is a lie and you can't prove what the word Hebrew y o m absolutely means. You've been taught and it has been taught from those who first translated and determined what scripture meant over a thousand years ago and passed down. You believe...
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    Young Earth or Old?

    I am not ignoring what you term is clear - I and those that believe like me sit differently because the Hebrews word yom can mean various things as I have applied links to. You quote scripture, what God did and what God said - did God say it was a literal 24-hour day that hadn't even been...