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  1. Mickiel

    I wonder what its like to be a Christian?

    I meet so many Christians everyday online ; talk with them everyday; examine how they think. If I wrote down how Christians really are , they would close this thread. I mean you can see it for yourself on any Christian message board. The behavior is common; a few are merciful and full of...
  2. Mickiel

    Give me biblical support for Christmas.

    Lets just say I am someone you met in a store. You announced your a believer in God. I asked you if Christmas was biblical, you said yes. I then asked you to show me that biblical support, because I myself have never seen any. So, show me.
  3. Mickiel

    The real book on Christianity.

    Christians are about 1/3 of humanity; that's , more or less, about 2. 3 billion people. That's a whole lot of people! Christianity is a giant, its NOT the small church that satan is chasing in the book of Revelations. Christians are all over the place; I disagree with the Atheist who love to...
  4. Mickiel

    Why would God need a hell?

    Why would God need a place like this traditional eternal hell? Why would he co-exist with such a place in eternity? Does God need a garbage dump for humans? How and when did the grave become the traditional explination of hell?