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  1. Caledvwlch

    Chrome users, a gift from some genius

    AV Club: New Chrome extension transforms Donald Trump into your drunk uncle So give it a try. It worked on CNN, not so well on :idunno:
  2. Caledvwlch

    Suggestions for REP descriptions

    One thing that would make the Reps feature more fun is some other messages than "So-and-so is well respected by his peers." Here are some ideas: So-and-so could win a staring contest with the Mona Lisa. So-and-so is more popular than a bucket of KFC. So-and-so's reputation has its own gravity...
  3. Caledvwlch

    Great news

    Rick Perry is running for President again! :banana: Full Transcript
  4. Caledvwlch

    Out of control viscous posters.

    Because I couldn't resist. Those slippery fiends. :rotfl: Inspiration here: Out of controll viciouts posters
  5. Caledvwlch

    Choral Christmas Music

    Featuring yours truly in the back row with the beard (helps the sound :chuckle: ). ElULEv0G9Lo 1. 12 Days of Christmas 2. Alma Redemptoris Mater 3. Ave Maria 4. Twas In the Moon of Wintertime 5. Vivaldi's Magnificat ...some small ensemble stuff (good, but I don't know what it is)... 6...
  6. Caledvwlch

    You have 9 years left and then Boom.

    We were starting to get into thread derailment territory there, OCT. Other than turning 42, what else is going to happen to me nine years from now?
  7. Caledvwlch

    Quixotic Freshman Risks Own Academic Future for 10 Commandments

    Students, admins will work on Commandments compromise My favorite part: You mean other than bad grades for not participating in class or doing homework?
  8. Caledvwlch

    Invitation to JosephR

    Rather than hog the chatbox all day, and because I have no inclination to run away, if you'd like to clarify your issue with Christmas and what you think I might have said, I can try to clarify as well, and we can work this out to everyone's satisfaction.
  9. Caledvwlch

    Singing with others

    Who does (or has done) choral singing, in church or otherwise? I sang in the church choir until I stopped going to church. A few years after that I started singing with an auditioned community chorus and it is a great substitute for the one thing I miss most about the church experience. In...
  10. Caledvwlch

    Happy Birthday Granite

    I'm going to take this opportunity to blow Granite's cover. It's his birthday. He's very old. :cheers:
  11. Caledvwlch

    Pagans IV: Because This is a Weird Place

    Seven years ago I did a fair amount of posting. I wasn't great, or even good. But I had some fun. Now I understand hardly any of what I read here. Is it just me, or is the wingnut contingent much larger?
  12. Caledvwlch

    Are you Going to Heaven?

    No. Mainly, it sounds boring. But maybe I just haven't seen the right time-share pitch.