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  1. Nazaroo

    Study: Islamophobes might be hidden Jihadists

    Not really. There is no such study. But logically there should be according to zoo22 the leftist fruitcake.
  2. Nazaroo

    Tracking the Islamic Invasion of the USA

    Here are the latest maps and stats for USA: ‘LUCKY YOU’ If You Live in California, New York, or Texas: You Will Receive More Unscreened Muslim Thugs, Rapists, and Jihadists Than All Other States Posted on September 10, 2015 by Walid Shoebat Barack Hussein...
  3. Nazaroo

    Dental Treatment for "Refugees" will Bankrupt Canada

    Germany, one of the wealthiest EU countries accepted a million "refugees". With a population of 80 million, thats almost 1 in 100 citizens. The result has been the filling to capacity of all health services, including dentistry, with local and municipal governments shifting the bill to...
  4. Nazaroo

    The Economic Rape of the USA Continues

    The IMF’s Latest Move to Kill the U.S. Dollar By Damon Geller IMF’s Christine Lagarde As we predicted months ago, the IMF officially green-lighted the acceptance of China’s currency – the Yuan – into the IMF’s foreign exchange basket. According to Reuters, this move paves the way...
  5. Nazaroo

    Muslim Immigrant decides to rape and beat cashier, shouting "Alahu Akbar"

    One of the 100,000 Muslims that Obama quietly smuggled into the USA: Again his Burka wearing sub-mental "1st wife" makes excuses for him. n8iNJzy0e6w
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    Reporter describes what Muslim Gang Rape is like h0KmEaWsSQw
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    Muslim Instructor (female) says its ok to rape Jews but leave Asians alone

    A female professor from the renowned Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, says that Muslim men are allowed by Allah to rape non-Muslim women in order to “humiliate” them. Professor Suad Saleh made the bold claims while being interviewed on Al-Hayat TV. The professor says that the rape is...
  8. Nazaroo

    Immigrant Attacks Bus Driver and gets whooped.

    This is a truly a classic lesson in learning manners the hard way. An immigrant tries to bully a bus driver and demand a free ride. Then he actually sucker-punches the bus driver like he is some kind of king. The bus driver responds by beating his brains out in self-defence, then escorts...
  9. Nazaroo

    France & Germany under Martial Law - called "Civil Emergency"

    Adding up the "Civil Emergency" measures being instituted by the "Liberal" Socialist Dictatorship governments, it is clear that Germany and France are now under an obvious manifestation of Martial Law. Laws have been enacted forbidding French and German citizens to rally or organize against...
  10. Nazaroo

    Town Heretic Explains the Influence of Bowie on Music and Art

    Not really. But he did post this, and it may be a start: Here's an article from Billboard that explores a bit of his impact across musical genres. You're welcome. :e4e: Turning to the online article, we find the opener enlightening: David Bowie's 20 Biggest Billboard Hits Let's run...
  11. Nazaroo

    A New Movement in Europe: European Self-Identity Movement

    Some people in Europe, particularly young people are fed up with NWO conmen and Banksters destroying their countries. The video talks about the migrant crisis as a colossal cultural and political event. Speaking directly to European leaders they say, “you impose tolerance and diversity...
  12. Nazaroo

    For CGThomas: Cologne Police Cover up Sex Attacks by Migrants

    Here's another one from the Stormer. Those pesky racists are at it again, exposing truth because its convenient for "white power".... Except all their stories appear to be actually just sourced from mainstream European media... Sex Attacks: Police Chief Hid News The New Observer...
  13. Nazaroo

    For CGThomas: Grateful Refugees deficate and ejaculate in public pool

    CGthomas seems to think that the "Stormer" (admittedly a White-power group) fabricates their stories. So I'm going to post the more recent ones, so we can check the links and claims. New Germany: Swimming Hall Closed Due to Mastubation and Pool-Pooping The New Observer January 23, 2016...
  14. Nazaroo

    Muslim Immigrant Gangs Terrorize Toronto: Cops and Media SILENT

    Here are the latest six Muslim Immigrants arrested for cold blooded murder, the gunning down of a Canadian black man in West-end Toronto: Ali Mohamed Isse Hanad Farah Lioban Hussein Mohamed Omar Saleed Hagi Sharmarke Farah [...
  15. Nazaroo

    German IMAM from Cologne says Women Deserved to be RAPED

    I wish I was making this up. Why isn't this guy arrested for "hate crime"??!?!?!?!?? Cologne Imam Says German Girls Deserved Ficki Ficki Andrew Anglin January 21, 2016 I’ve been waiting for one of them to come out and say this. Funny that he’s actually in Cologne...
  16. Nazaroo

    Worshipping the State (Govt) is an Actual Religion and Anti-Christ in its Idolatry

    Check out the arguments in this interesting video: N6uVV2Dcqt0
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    Full Scope of Muslim Immigrant Violence Being Hidden

    Country by country and documentaries Muslim Migrant Violence around the world! Stay Vigilante Europe! North America let's not find out! Mimage...
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    Former President of Bavaria Pleads for Closed Borders before its too late

    But will it be in time? And what can be done about the nearly two million "refugee" criminals that have already flooded Germany and Europe? Former Bavarian President: Close the Border to All Migrants image...
  19. Nazaroo

    Obama to Skuttle Election: Clinton Playbook Writer Explains

    There's a big battle between Clintons and Obama Faction: Both want the presidency and/or Secretary-General of United Nations chair. Both are the top most powerful NWO cartels right now. Even the Bush "Thug Light" clowns are falling behind in the battle for world domination. Obama wants to...
  20. Nazaroo

    What the Muslim Rape Riots really Looked like: Raw Footage

    Yes. You are seeing the migrants openly brandishing and firing off hundreds of handguns. GKO0sXm18h0