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  1. brinny

    It's been like fer-ever!

    'Tis good to be back here.....a place where i can breeeeeeathe..... i think i'll just sit here a while n' breeeeeeathe...
  2. brinny

    Know why i likes TOL?

    Cuz there's lots o' freedom of expression here. I finds that delightful
  3. brinny

    I'm Sorry.

    Yes, i did it. I sent negative reps. As a matter of fact, i sent several. It was because i thought someone was just being mean for no reason. At the time, i was delighted to find out how to get this person back by sending neg reps. Now i'm sorry i sent them. I wish i could take them back.
  4. brinny

    Which Entertainer/TV Personality Irritates You?

    Fer me? It's hosts who "interrupt" their guests.
  5. brinny

    Doctors Without Borders says the TPP is a BAD deal for medicine.

    TPP: A Bad Deal For Medicine.
  6. brinny

    What is the woodshed?

    i've seen it mentioned in a few posts. What is it?
  7. brinny


    i found it!!!! LOVE this quote!!!! hahaaa
  8. brinny


    I accidentally stumbled onto a thread today. Come to find out, it was a debate about the trinity vs anti-trinity. It got me to thinking. Does Nontrinitarianism believe that Jesus was created? Thank you kindly.
  9. brinny

    TOL codes

    Is there a list of TOL codes? For instance, i learned the marquee code and the moveright code (thank you Caledvwlch, Town Heretic, fool, and Lighthouse) :D Are there other codes? Thanks.
  10. brinny

    What did Saul do wrong here?

    1 Samuel 13:9 "And Saul said, Bring hither a burnt offering to me, and peace offerings. And he offered the burnt offering." Thank you kindly.
  11. brinny

    Saint John W requested, i am asking for feedback about this member LOL! Soooo....what do ya's gots to say?
  12. brinny

    I Am Thankful For....

    What are you thankful for?
  13. brinny

    The "pong" feature...

    not sure what to call's where yu can get smilies to bounce back n' forth and/or move across the screen.... is that what it's called?
  14. brinny

    Why i love God sooooooo much...

    it's because He did/does this: He reminds me who i am.
  15. brinny

    Hi, re: chat box...

    is there a certain amount of posts i needs to post before i can post in the chat box? Thanks! :bowser:
  16. brinny


    Anything random, mon
  17. brinny

    THERE it is!!!!!!

    Hahahaaa! Yay!!!!!!