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  1. MichaelCadry

    Soon The 7th Angel Will Sound

    Hi Everyone, This Is Important Testimony Today! As I've heard and seen it, I witness it as in a Court, to all of you. None of you realize it, but six angels HAVE already Sounded. It has been a trumpet noise in the air that happens in certain cities or places, as an indication. The noise...
  2. MichaelCadry

    The Fat Lady Sings!

    Hi All, This Is Important Today! I have missed many of you very much indeed. It's been quite a while since I've been here, mostly just to leave PMs. Hi freelight, patrick jane, Grosnick, Sherman, stuu, Lon, 6days, meshak, and so many more of you! How have you been doing?? I had to come...
  3. MichaelCadry

    Wildfires In California

    Dear musterion, I don't have a lot to say, but I didn't want to risk saying anything else in the Chat Box, because half of the time, I'm not suppose to chat about certain things there. I am almost certain that I mentioned great brush fires burning in CA prior to the Great Earthquake and Flood...
  4. MichaelCadry

    Michael's Latest!!

    Dear Musterion, I see you closed the other Thread. How convenient of you. Well, Nov. 9th came and went about two hours ago here. You actually think that is the end of it?! Just because I didn't get the exact day right doesn't mean that it's not going to happen, musty. I suppose you are...
  5. MichaelCadry

    The earth is flat and we never went to the moon

    Dear Knight, I feel exactly the same about DFT Dave as you do. He's a smart guy! I don't know what this thread is all about except to have fun. I mean, even our satellites bear witness that the Earth is round. I suppose that's been brought up already?? Will hope to hear more from you...
  6. MichaelCadry

    Mystery, Babylon The Great!

    Dear All, I know that everyone has their own version about who was the great whore in Rev. 17:5 KJV. I will tell you what an angel said to me, instead. I have a lot of these secrets inside that I don't share very often, but here goes. It was explained to me that this 'great whore' was...
  7. MichaelCadry


    Here's where you can post about my statements in the Chatbox. GOD IS WITH US!! For starters, God was FOR US to allow Donald John Trump to become President. There are reasons. The two most important things are that: Trump is urging America to become FOR the Israeli people. Something that...
  8. MichaelCadry

    Happy Birthday, Patrick Jane

    Have A Very AWESOME BIRTHDAY, Patrick Jane, and many more to come!! May ALL Of Heaven Rejoice With You!! :angel: :cloud9: :guitar: :angel: :cloud9: :angel:
  9. MichaelCadry

    The earth is flat and we never went to the moon

    Dear DFT_Dave, Hey, you've got to be kidding with this, Dave. Why do you think you see that the moon is round, the sun is round, etc. Do you think all of these, including Earth, are just flat discs?? Saturn also, with rings that circle round it. I really don't know what to tell you, Dave...
  10. MichaelCadry

    The earth is flat and we never went to the moon

    Dear Daft Dave, If the Earth is not a globe, why does the rainbow reflect a half circle? Why does the moon and sun light up one side of the Flat Earth? Why always a 180°, half of 360°?? We can tell by the satellites that we send up to revolve around the Round Earth!! Where are you coming up...
  11. MichaelCadry


    I think it is wonderful that you have joined our thread and I hope that you and Delmar can spend Eternity Together. For Your SPECIAL DAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! His Best For You & Yours!! May God Bring You Tons Of Love!!! :cloud9: :angel: :angel: :angel: :cloud9: :guitar: :singer...
  12. MichaelCadry


    A SPLENDID 48TH BIRTHDAY WISH FOR FREELIGHT!! Make This One Count, Brother, ENJOY YOUR DAY TO THE MAX!! :cloud9: :angel: :cloud9: :angel: :cloud9: :angel: :cloud9: :guitar: :singer: :singer:
  13. MichaelCadry

    To Alwight/Alan, Best Wishes!!

    Dear Alwight/Alan, You are so special and thoughtful!! I remember that vividly. I thought to myself, "what kind of atheist is this that is so helpful, kind, loving, and cool." It is a somber time and want you to know that you are loved very much!! I hope you receive good news from here on...
  14. MichaelCadry

    Creation vs. Evolution II

    Dear All, I miss everyone already from before, so I am starting this new thread. It isn't so lengthy and is easy to post at. Hey Alwight and Hedshaker, what floats your boats 2nite?? Miss you both!! Looking forward to hearing from you! Much Love Coming Your Way!! Hey Greg Jennings and...
  15. MichaelCadry

    Creation vs. Evolution Thanks!!

    Dear All, As of now, my Creation thread is closed, after almost 2 years. I appreciate all of you here, both the believers and the atheists. You've both made this a very successful thread!! Thank you extremely much, for those with good intentions!! I LOVE YOU ALL TONS and will never forget...
  16. MichaelCadry

    A Very Happy Birthday, Alwight!!

    Hey Buddy! I noticed it was your birthday today. Congratulations at making it to the big 65! I do hope that Tambora will find this, and make up a wonderful Birthday Post here. I just cannot do all the things she can do. Make This One Count!! An Excellent, Spectacular Birthday To You...
  17. MichaelCadry

    Happy Birthday, Ktoyou!!!

    Happy Birthday Ktoyou!! I didn't realize!! Hope your birthday is an excellent one and that the day turns out special. Much Love To You!! God Bless Your Heart And Soul, Michael :rapture: :angel: :angel: :angel: :cloud9: :cloud9:
  18. MichaelCadry

    Thanks For Remembering My Birthday!!

    Dear Tambora, I was just made aware of the Birthday Thread you started for me. Alwight brought this to my attention. I am overwhelmed by it. I'm going to try to add the thread to go to for my response to it. Click on the link Michael I'm...
  19. MichaelCadry

    Internet Special on PBS Tonight!!

    Dear All, Did you see the Internet and Computer special on PBS tonight at 8p.m. Mountain Time? It says hackers can hack into many computer systems that control your home functions, such as those who have computerized lights, garage door openers, home security systems, etc. Also, control your...
  20. MichaelCadry

    Happy BIRTHDAY to our Main Man, Knight!!

    Dear Knight, I can't believe you are hitting the big 50. I always thought you were in your late 30's or early 40's. That's egg on my face!! Well, you enjoy this wonderful birthday and party down!!! Much Love From God And Me!! MichaelCadry :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: