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  1. Granite

    You Can't Beat Something With Nothing It’s worth comparing some raw numbers here. In that year, Planned Parenthood completed 327,653 abortions. Compare that to the 1.1 million pregnancy tests, 1.4 million emergency contraception kits...
  2. Granite

    The Pill: For Dudes

    This is in the works, and will probably be a reality--at least in a few countries; stateside, you never know--within a decade. So, question. If a birth control pill were available for men, who here would be cool with it? Cool with using it? Opposed? Ambivalent? UTTERLY FREAKED OUT?:think:
  3. Granite

    The laughter of the almighty, and guns

    God never laughs in the Bible. Oh, he sneers, sure. Feels derision, and mockery. But schadenfreude seems to be the only form of humor Jehovah ever experiences throughout the entirety of scripture. Anybody else find that, a little, ya know, odd? The creator of the universe never once felt a...
  4. Granite

    ShadowGov Constitution

    Why isn't the constitution available online any longer?
  5. Granite

    Who's with Apologist?

    Who here agrees with Apologist? I ask because somebody obviously does, as he continually gets positive rep and has been allowed to push his hatred, racism, and fascist ideology.
  6. Granite

    Calling out Hartline

    I, for one, am sick and tired of this pompous piece of work using TOL as a soapbox for self-promotion. I'm equally disgusted with Hartline's refusal to take personal responsibility for screwing his life up in so tragic a fashion. In the press he has blamed his lifestyle's crash and burn on...
  7. Granite

    When does life begin? Granite vs. reality

    Mod note: This thread was split from For the record - Turbo ...whoo-boy. Here we go. When life begins is a mystery, as far as I'm concerned. Being dogmatic one way or another strikes me as a touch silly.
  8. Granite

    What Did Paul Know?

    Did Paul know of Jesus during Jesus' life, or was he only aware of Jesus after the Damascus road encounter? We know that Paul was a student of Gamaliel and studied in Jerusalem (Acts 22:3). He stood as a witness at the death of Stephen (Acts 7:58), which had to have occurred rather shortly...
  9. Granite

    Granite on the Bible

    Split from this thread True but the morality of the time changed. The people changed. This much was inevitable. The Constitution is a good document. It is a brilliant document. But it is not perfect. And it was not designed to last forever.
  10. Granite

    On Fire...

    Since OF threatened to get me banned if I ever sent him another PM this is pretty much the one alternative I have left to the constant back and forth we have on various threads. At one point I recall we had a "cease fire" of sorts. Can't remember what exactly caused that to break down. So...
  11. Granite

    granite1010's lie

    The following was split from this thread at post #40: - :turbo: These are the same people who first claimed dinosaur fossils were left behind as deceptions of the devil... :bang:
  12. Granite

    A thought...

    Over the last couple days I have managed to get under more skin than usual. I think the Judge Greer thread, and my comments there, really pushed a couple folks over the edge. Even before I lost my faith I was a minority on TOL: a postmil five-point Calvinist. Now that I'm the self-appointed...
  13. Granite

    No Longer A Christian

    Well, the name of the thread pretty much sums it up. I no longer consider myself a Christian, a member of the Christian faith, believer in Christ or the Bible. I came to TOL last year considering myself a born again member of the body of Christ. And it's been a crazy year. Not easy. I am...