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  1. philosophizer


    I'm not technically a newbie. I've actually been around here for 10 years. But I've been gone for a while and there's no "reintroduction forum" so... Hi, I'm philosophizer. I know a few of you, don't know most of you, and used to know a lot who are now gone. I haven't been here for a few...
  2. philosophizer

    The Late Great Urantia Revelation

    The Jesus in the UB is nothing like the Jesus of the Bible. Urantia is like the Bible meets "2001: A Space Odyssey" only making less sense.
  3. philosophizer

    The Late Great Urantia Revelation

    Yeah, and the side effects include a burning sensation and the gnashing of teeth.
  4. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 5-19-05

    Nice truthsmacking there, allsmiles. Impressive! :banana: CONTEXT
  5. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 12-7-04

    Way to go Sozo! :thumb: CONTEXT
  6. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 11-16-04

    :first: This just struck me as something that needed to be said: CONTEXT
  7. philosophizer

    Water Baptism

    What is it? What are your beliefs on it? And why?
  8. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 10-29-04

    :thumb: BChristianK! CONTEXT
  9. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 10-18-04

    This is a couple days old, but it's good! :D CONTEXT
  10. philosophizer

    The Birth Control Thread

    I would like to hear some of the beliefs about birth control. This is in the Exclusively Christian Theology forum because that's mainly what I'm looking for. -I believe that abortion is murder. -I believe that life begins at conception. -I believe that many methods of birth control are wrong...
  11. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 9-30-04

    :darwinsm: CONTEXT
  12. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 9-27-04

    I know this was posted on the 24th, but I just read it today and it made me cheer! :thumb: AWESOME POST, CROW!!!!! CONTEXT
  13. philosophizer

    Homeschool: when not to?

    Okay, I am in favor of homeschooling. I think, as a system for elementary and high school education, it is a better idea than public schooling. I don't like the generalizations that many people have about a lack of education or social skills in homeschoolers. That said, I don't think...
  14. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 8-19-04

    :first: Crow! Excellent rebuttal to the "sentience" argument for abortion. Context
  15. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 7-2-04

    I'm a couple days late, but this post is great! :darwinsm: Knight! :thumb: CONTEXT
  16. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 6-28-04

    :first: to this top notch post by Sozo!
  17. philosophizer

    Philo's TOTD 5-21-04

    That's right! TOTD. This goes for a whole thread in which BChristianK led us down a very strange path and then turned everything around. Very Cool! :thumb: Here's the thread.
  18. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 5-7-04

    Thank you, BChristianK, for so wonderfully responding to PureX. Awesome! :first: CONTEXT
  19. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 4-30-04

    Way to go, Sozo! CONTEXT
  20. philosophizer

    Philo's POTD 4-29-04

    This is an awesome post! Great job Clete! :thumb: CONTEXT :thumb: