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    How can a Chinese Christian explain to nonbelievers, Christianity is not supersition?

    I teach a Bible class each week for open minded highly interested well educated non-Christian Chinese at a local college, who will most will likely return to Communist China. They know few Christians in China especially those who live in Beijing where there are only strong government...
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    Deeper Understanding of Atonement

    As nonbelieving sinners, we all deserve to justly be tortured, humiliated, crucified and go to hell from God. The fact that Christ physically was tortured, humiliated, crucified and murdered and we physically are not, means at lease there is some kind of substitution. BUT: Is Penal...
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    ECT Parable of talents (bags of gold) Matt. 25:14-30

    I was asked to teach an adult class on the Parable of the talents (described as bags of gold in the NIV), so I developed some questions and would like your answers and comments: What are the servants being entrusted with? This is from (Matt. 25: 14-30) What are the servants being entrusted...
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    Did God take His forgiveness back?

    I am teaching an adult class on the parable Matt. 18: 21-35 “The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant” and would like your comments on this parable. A lot of commentaries (especially Calvinistic Commentaries) tell us what this parable does not teach, but give little support for what it does...