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  1. brother Willi

    Preach hate

    You preach hate to each other, so you love each other. Just as the Klansmen loves his kind. Walls of separation separate you from God. You scream you have faith, because you scream a name. True faith is trust. I asked many times, I ask one more. Who you trust more yourself or God? No...
  2. brother Willi

    First there was a mountain, then there was no mountain, then there is

    Matthew 17:20 And He *said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. Am I the mountain that I am to...
  3. brother Willi

    bWs POTD 10-5 servent101

  4. brother Willi

    bW's POTD 9-23 aharvey

    :thumb: POTD
  5. brother Willi

    the Dalai Lama said

    "I see all the different religious traditions as paths for the development of inner peace, which is the true foundation of world peace. These ancient traditions come to us as a gift from our common past. Will we continue to cherish it as a gift and hand it over to the future generations as a...
  6. brother Willi

    bWs POTD 9-21 Sozo

    thanks Sozo for reminding us ALL
  7. brother Willi

    BWs POTD 9-20 erinmarie+Jabez

    howbout it Turbo, what the hell was wrong with your parents? you know what was wrong? NOTHING the problem is in your thinking most of you here make me sick poly,catty find shame that you must make your husbands live by the sword i vomit your words out as i read them, crow also and billy you...
  8. brother Willi

    why own a gun?

    why own a gun? if its for fun, fine target shootin is fun if its for huntin, fine we all need to eat if its for self defense, prove to me that a Christian needs one for that
  9. brother Willi

    bWs POTD 9-19-04

    this thread
  10. brother Willi

    Free Drugs i am not for free drugs i am for helping those still addicted jail is for violet people who can not learn to get along with others. not for addicts so, what to do?
  11. brother Willi

    bW's SPOTD 9/17/2004

    PureX says it better then i can trust me my friend, i am so happy that Jesus told Peter he would fail him 3 times, AND STILL LOVES HIM. it is truely hard to live the life Jesus speakes of. i have denyed him many times.
  12. brother Willi

    bW's POTD 9/15/04 (PureX)

    PureX for understanding
  13. brother Willi

    bW's POTD 9/15/04 (Chileice)

    Chileice for understanding
  14. brother Willi

    justify war

    using only the words of Jesus, justify war. can you? Lucky posted this for me so, my question is. what is a Christian? is it not to be Christ like? what did Jesus say about slavery? BE A GOOD SLAVE! how many did Jesus order to...
  15. brother Willi

    Willi's POTD 3/15/04

  16. brother Willi

    Dumocracy rules!

    Re: Dumocracy rules! Jefferson , in a nutshell please? you know, for us poor saps using a dial-up