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    There Is No Such Thing as "LIGHT"!! Before Your eyes, there is ONLY Darkness, Nothing Else. Light IS ONLY IN YOUR MIND, Not out of your Mind PERIOD!! The Darkness in your mind is NOT D-A-R-K-N-E-S-S but "Thought" of Darkness. TRUTH IS Nothing but knowledge called LIGHT!! Christ is the LIGHT of...
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    DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW WHAT THE "CHURCH" IS?? ((( ----N-O-O-O---- ))!! The word "CHURCH", just means ""GROUP"", A "Group" of Religious People. The Church of CHRIST, or Christ's Church is just "MADE" of His own PEOPLE, and NOTHING ELSE!!! Christ is GOD, God is Christ, and Christ is in His Own...
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    M--A--N-N-N-N-N-N!!!!! -- I SEE WHY ""KNIGHT"" DON'T DO HARDLY ANYTHING IN ""T-H-I-S PLACE"" ((( ANY-MORE )))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ""M-A-N-N-N""!!!!!!!! """"N-O --- B-O-D-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    THE WHOLE World!!

    YOUR Old Earth Is Still the Planet that is Still D-E-A-D For Ever!! Look Up """""( The "NEW EARTH" )"""" Here On "The Back Alley"!!!! That's Mine, and Where I AM!!!! ME NO NAME!! 3-1-17
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    EVERY O-N-E!!

    EVERY O-N-E!! What is (( Romans 3:10-12 KJV )) 10- "((( As it is written ))), There is N-O-N-E righteous, No, ((( N-O-T -- O-N-E ))): 11- There is N-O-N-E that understandeth, there is N-O-N-E that seeketh after God".--//--- What does N-O-N-E Mean?? -- ( ""NOT ONE"" )!! How many people...
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    GRAVITY?? How Could the Scientists BE S-O-O-O STUPID?? There IS NO Such T-H-I-N-G AS ""GRAVITY""!! "GRAVITY" // The "Gravitational Pull" of the Sun, Moon, Earth, OR Anything is "NOTHING" But the Stupidity Defining of MINDLESS F-O-O-L-S!! ONLY THE ""P-U-S-H"" Moves ANYTHING!!!!!! "IT'S Not a...
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    Nick M:

    Nick M: Nick M?? -- IS This A Place Like You Said is Where I Should Do My STUFF?? THE "LAW" IN AMERICA IS; - ""WE D-O HAVE THAT RIGHT"" TO Speak What Ever We Believe; - But NOT HERE On TOL; (( Which MEANS That This Place IS A Non-American And Non-Spiritual House of GOD ))!!!! DO You ALL Not...
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    EARTH!! The EARTH //, -- This Part of The Earth IS Totally Without "TRUE Knowledge"; the Knowledge that WOULD ALLOW The Earth to DO "A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g" --- L-I-K-E SOME of the OTHER Planets From Our Galaxy, and OTHER Galaxies "(((( THAT C-A-M-E ))))" HERE D-I-D!!! There are GREAT Cities Here...
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    Calling! IF You Look on H-e-r-e; - and ANYWHERE on TV; You'll See that There IS "N-O" REAL Christians Anywhere Here or Anywhere on E-A-R-T-H!!! - A--L--L You'll EVER SEE is ""Near Necked Women"" Living IN SIN, and "Men Doing and Saying Nothing But the SAME THING, a-n-d SIN BRAGGING"!! (((((...
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    Death FOOD:

    Death FOOD: There Is No Such Thing as A Living T-H-I-N-G On Earth That Does "NOT EAT DEATH". Every Living "Thing And Stuff" On Earth Eats DEATH. ALL Animals and Plants, ALL Live On DEATH. However, On The "New Earth", All Living Stuff Lives on "LIFE". Christ is The "LIFE" On the New Earth, And...
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    The LOST!!

    The LOST!! ((((( This is a Thread that the Anti'christians AND The Anti'americans must, and """WILL Remove from TOL""" ))))). *** It is HARD for me to Believe that Knight Allowed me to be BANNED The Way I Was ( Aug. 26th ). --- ((( """K-N-I-G-H-T""" )))???!!!!!!!!!! ((( The LAW On The BACK...
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    AMAZING: It Is ""AMAZING"" That T-H-I-S People Take GOD'S Over 2,000 Year of Spoken "HYSTORY" and Applies IT To Themselves, AND Loves That World for Themselves, WHEN G-O-D Says: - Over 2,000 Years AGO: (( 2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV ))!!! (( Revelation 12:12 KJV ))!!! (((( Revelation 21:1 KJV --...
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    The WHITE House:

    The WHITE House: What does the "White" In The White House Stand FOR?? WHITE is the Presence of ALL COLORS, and Black is the Absence Of ALL COLORS!!! Therefore: Black ( in this Respect ) Is the Absence Of ALL Colors - OR ALL Nations!! However, the "WHITE" House; the White Stands for ALL Colors...
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    Christ's Color???

    Christ's Color??? All You White People who Are OR Are Not Christians, H-O-W are You White?? A-L-L White Men A-R-E (( """"A-L-B-I-N-O-S"""" ))!!!! - What is an "ALBINO"??? What Color is The Heavenly BEINGS, White OR Black?? HEAVENLY WHITE I-S The "TRUTH"; Christ is the "White /// Truth", But...
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    Knight (( KNIGHT ))!!! Will You Tell Us When This Program Is Going to be GONE, / Used UP!!!??????? PAUL, DAVID -- 082416
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    Holy GHOST??

    Holy GHOST?? It Is ""AMAZING"" How the "Stoop Heads" Call the "Holy Ghost" - the "Holy Spirit"!! -- Those Idiots Don't Even Know the Difference Between "SPIRIT And GHOST"!!! -- WWOOWWWWW!!! "S-p-i-r-i-t" IS Just The Disruption WITHOUT "F-O-R-M", and ""G-h-o-s-t"" is the Description WITH...
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    Most EVIL???

    Most EVIL??? Is There Anything ANY More E-V-I-L Than A False Christian TEACHING "His Children" To Go Where He Is GOING?????? Catholics, Mormons, Buddhists, /// A-N-D Every "Church" // "G-r-o-u-p of PEOPLE" That is Not the TRUE Church??? The WORD "" CHURCH"" Means (( CHRIST, GROUP, ""PEOPLE""...
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    SEE The Truth!!

    SEE The Truth!! (( ""H--O--W"" ))!! can Anybody JUST Keep ON Rejecting - And Going Against EVERYTHING God Says A-N-D Still Call Themselves - "Christians"????? (( Romans 3:10-12 KJV ))????? NO ONE Wants to Be A TRUE Christian O-R They Would TRULY TRY To K-N-O-W THE - ""T-R-U-T-H""!! -- Christ...
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    Sing A Song??

    Sing A Song?? "SING and SONG" Is One of the MOST Misunderstood and Misleading BIBLE Meanings of Words There is in that Stupid World!! MUSIC??? -- There is No Such Thing As ""M-U-S-I-C"" In the Bible!!! Phony churches On TV Hardly DO Anything But S-I-N-G -- T-H-E-I-R --- P-h-o-n-y False...
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    Phony G-O-D!!!!

    Phony G-O-D!!!! Stoop Headed, - Ig'norant, - Phony Bunch of LYING Self Called "christians". - You Are A Christian "I-F" You (( "F-I-T" )) The Word Of GOD // CHRIST //// - "PUT ON CHRIST, Put ON Nothing BUT The Word of God" In Your Mind -- ((((( ""Galatians 3:27 KJV"" )))))!!!!!! - What Did GOD...