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    Bob Enyart's absence

    They’re hospitalized with Covid-19.
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    List of Dr.s in all 50 states who treat Covid with hydroxychloroquine

    But you claim that Covid is a “scam.” So why the need for any kind of treatment?
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    82% women miscarry after vaccination

    This study says no such thing. Are you pulling our collective legs?
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    Source of white hatred of blacks identified

    “tribal savages”? ”baboons”? You’re a jerk.
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    Is Mike Pence a TRAITOR?

    Speak for yourself.
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    Brain Dead Girl changes pledge of Allegiance

    Who is she?
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    Hope for what?
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    Hooray For Pedophilia!

    Breitbart? C’mon, Jefferson. You can do better.
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    Fiona Hill: "The president was trying to stage a coup"

    Yeah. Hitler and Mussolini really packed ‘em in too.
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    What Are You Listening To Now VII

    David’s Lamentation by William Billings
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    Chauvin Trial was a Fraud

    2 lies in your post; George Floyd’s robbery victim wasn’t pregnant. George Floyd was never at any time in his life accused of rape.
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    Chauvin: GUILTY on all 3 counts

    Another lie. He was never even accused of rape.
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    Chauvin: GUILTY on all 3 counts

    What would you know about the “truth?” You were the one who lied about George Floyd being accused of rape.
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    Fiona Hill: "The president was trying to stage a coup"

    That’s very sad.
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    Chauvin: GUILTY on all 3 counts

    George Floyd pled guilty to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in 2009 and served 5 years in prison. He was NEVER charged or accused of rape. He paid his debt to society per our laws. No one is claiming that he was a “martyr” or “model citizen.”
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    Chauvin: GUILTY on all 3 counts

    Gee. I didn’t know that passing a counterfeit $20 bill carried the death penalty. Do you really want your local Barney Fifes acting as judge, jury and executioner?
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    So what deep, dark info do you think McVeigh was carrying?
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    HIV, sperm, placenta code in mrna vaccines

    “Crazy Carrie”??? 🤣
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    Some people love this "pandemic" because their lives are boring

    You’re easily impressed.
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    Joe Biden Raped Tara Reade

    Actually he didn’t, but thanks for playing.