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  1. Samstarrett

    A Quiet Return

    It's been over three years since I've posted here. I cannot now remember why I left but I've kind of missed it. I apologise if I offended anyone with my abrupt departure; such was not my intent. A lot of things have changed for me in the meantime -- for one thing, I've converted to Eastern...
  2. Samstarrett

    Samstarrett's POTD 4-25-2011

    :chuckle: :first:
  3. Samstarrett

    Samstarrett's SPOTD 4-24-2011

  4. Samstarrett

    Samstarrett's POTD 4-20-11

    :first: A lesson many posters here could stand to take to heart, Robert Pate.
  5. Samstarrett

    Samstarrett's POTD 4-19-11

    :singer: Come one, come all, to view Samstarrett's first ever POTD! Classic! :first:
  6. Samstarrett

    Neg Rep Campaign Against Serpentdove

    I hereby declare my intention to hit serpent:duh: with a neg rep every time I can until she either: Retracts her accusation that I, gamera, taikoo, and PlastikBuddha are the same person or supports it(which she will never be able to do). All who intend to join me, please post in this thread...