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    Biden on Guns

    During a September 2019 “townhall” hosted by New Hampshire ABC affiliate WMUR, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made clear that he does not believe the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms and that the U.S. Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia...

    Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 6

    You are doing the Socialists bidding by supporting anyone but President Trump. Are you that afraid of homosexuality? Where is your proof of activism? Are you afraid of: Roman Catholicism; atheism; premarital sex; alcohol; etc. Have you gouged out your eyes after seeing something...

    Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 6

    It has everything to do with James 4:17. You've taken a scripture out of context to try to prove whatever supports your agenda. Boasting About Tomorrow James 4:13 - Come now, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and...

    Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 6

    James 4:17 - Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin. [NASB] One has to be careful taking a single passage from the Bible and making it into a command. We are instructed that two or three witnesses be needed elsewhere in the scriptures. It seems...

    Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 6

    You are right, of course. I suspect you won't resolve this with aCultureWarrior.

    Israel Returns to the Age of Sodom

    I find the following article extremely distressing. Is this truly a portent of things to come? Read article at:

    An Appeal to Gov. Pat McCrory to Honor Your Christian Roots

    An appeal to Gov. Pat McDrory to return to his Christian Roots from Michael Brown. Dear Governor McCrory, With all due respect to your office and your many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I must say that I read your response to the congressional override of your veto to...


    Palin Slams Obamatrade as Another ‘Don’t Pass It ’til We Know What’s In It!’ Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is sharing Breitbart News’ story on Facebook, following the close Rules vote ahead of Friday’s final vote on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that would grant President Obama...

    The End of Academic Tenure?

    Scott Walker is advocating a reform in Wisconsin that could have more profound an impact on America than anything we have seen in a long time. Establishment leftism depends upon institutions that support and promote its philosophy and agenda using our money. The most obnoxious offender is Big...

    Jurassic Pork: Not Extinct Yet

    From a railroad theme park in Pennsylvania to a science center in San Francisco, a range of earmark projects have lived on long after the kind of earmarks that spawned them were banned, according to a new report released Thursday called "Jurassic Pork." Riffing off the release this weekend of...

    The Right to Steal

    The Democrats in Congress and Senate have now come out of the closet and said they will no support more money for the war efforts, until there is a general increase in spending. The Democrats want to steal more of your grandchilden's money. What kind of parent are you? Dems: Increase...

    NY Times Versus Seal Team Six

    Looking anywhere to drum up support for their fledgling newspaper, the New York Times have set their sites on Seal Team Six. Having lost their credibility long ago with false and misleading stories, I didn't have any hope the NYT was capable of an honest assessment. Read the article I quote...

    Right to Work

    Missouri becomes the latest battleground for the "Right to Work" and those who want "Union Controlled Right to Strike". Following Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of right-to-work legislation in Missouri, the state has become the latest battleground for the statute that has long been Public...

    The Naked Earthquake

    Some government officials really should not be in charge, anywhere. Read story at: Great title for a movie though.

    The Worst Dinner Guest Ever

    Game of Thrones, Jon Snow Maybe the Worst Dinner Guest Ever BabsgCQhpu4 Winter Is Coming

    Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry

    Here's a story about Chris and Taya Kyle; Marcus and brother Morgan Luttrell; and Rick and Anita Perry: Bear in mind, this was all out of the public's eye.

    The Spin Zone

    Nevermind about Hillary's various transgressions as Secretary of State, let's concentrate on something really important ... Marco Rubio wife's driving record...

    Obama Has Restored US to Most Respected Country in the World

    At least, that's according to the President. If you find that hard to swallow, here's the whole article from Breitbart. Is Obama mentally ill, or just so ego-centric he can't see...

    A Predator with a Heart

    No one would know about this if it wasn't for someone with a camera. I stumbled across this story and I just had to share it. Read article at...

    Horror Stories of Abuse: Why Some People Should Not Have Children

    The following news article comes from Colorado Springs. It pretty much speaks for itself.