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  • "Welcome back, Brother john!"-our heir-ness
    Thanks, soldier-ette!

    John "Mr. Kotter" W
    Thanks for the fb comment. I don't think we will see my friend when we are caught up. I shared the good news several times, and he wanted no part of it. A Catholic in name only. :(
    I always look forward to reading your posts. The majority
    of posters on TOL aren't interested in the 'True Gospel'
    that being; Paul's Gospel. Yet, it behooves us to speak the
    truth continually! There are others that are observing
    what's said, as well. The Holy Spirit can still draw them
    in and those regular members of TOL. You do an excellent
    job of spreading the "Grace Message!
    Freelight is a believer/follower of the "Urantia Book!" It has
    its beginnings in the occult! It's a 'phony' addition to the
    Bible! Google "Urantia." He's a smart good and writes
    well, but, he's in no way, shape, or form a Christian
    Yep! This Sunday is their last service. They sold and close on the building next week. They're moving to NE AL. about 50 miles S of Chatty. You'll practically be neighbors :) Jerry said he intends to continue preaching and teaching God's word in the rightly dividing manner as long as possible, whether it is one more message or 30 more years of messages. After they move, he'll still be on the web preaching and teaching on Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and probably Saturday mornings~ so that's good!
    all that to show why all doesn't mean all? How does Knight feel about resurrecting old threads? I'd like to make that one "born again".
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