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  • I am so excited for you! I have four daughters and they are a blessing every day of my life!
    Good morning Mr. Deets, thank you for the affirming words regarding my thread about atheists.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Hey Deets. Haven't forgotten about our convo. Just a really busy week around my household. I plan on getting back soon. Until then.:e4e:
    Thank u deets :) nice to know readers can enjoy the dialogues,...I do have my moments, but am usually pretty careful and do some editing before dispatching a post. Temptations do come sometimes to be a bit more harsh or to retort back in kind,....its a creative process ;)
    Acknowledged, as you know I can hold my own :) - I do appreciate all participants sharing in the dialogue, by all means. I'm responding now.......feel free ;)
    Yeah ... that wouldn't go over well with my mother either. She is like one of the world's few remaining saints. :chuckle:
    :chuckle: In regards to tattoos, my son and daughter both have several, viewable tattoos.

    My other daughter, Rachel, had them as well. I don't really mind em ... on other people. I have actually been with Meg on several occasions when she was being tattooed. She tried to talk me into getting one by saying she would pay for it, but the grimaces on her face confirmed my decision.
    Wife is no longer sick!! I'm doing well. Recent philosophical changes in my life have added to my well being. ;-)
    You say, "I do think, however, that fleshly things gradually go by the wayside, over time(hopefully a short time), as we walk in the Spirit. We are in partial agreement, and I hope that made sense."

    And I agree. This was all I meant by a period of Sanctification.

    But this sanctification explains a lot that (seems) in addition to Justification, which it is not, but rather, explains the RESULTS of saving Justification.

    Sanctification in this earthly life and future glory are both the results of Christ justifying our souls with His blood sacrifice on the cross, and then commissioning the Holy Spirit to set us apart and guide us into His kingdom.

    IOW's, sanctification is not our salvation; it is the working out of our salvation by the Holy Spirit while we remain in this earthly existence.
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