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  • hi purex,....who are u leaning towards for voting 4 in this election? :) - I gather Hilary or a 3rd party? I'm not casting my vote til towards the deadline...unless I'm super convinced of who I'm voting for earlier. On the fence over a few of the candidates. Its a bizzare election!
    hi, yes...Prince was an amazing gifted artist. As we shared on the 'what you listening now?" thread....he also an amazing guitarist. Did u see my videos too? epic - looks like a lot of people are not knowing how great he was, until now....that many of his performances and artistry are being shared.....his legacy
    Beautifully written, PureX. Thank you. I'll need to think on that for a while and reread it a couple more times.
    I hope you do, it's all done through footage, and I found myself just aching for her. The fame was too much, the pressure too much. She just wanted to write songs and sing them, and basically, it was fame that killed her more surely than anything else. So sad. I don't know pitchy, I have no ear for music, no skill, no knowledge at all. Pretty pathetic. :chuckle: All I know how to do is listen to songs I like. And she already was an amazing artist, PureX. She never got a chance to completely come into her own. The unfulfilled potential of a talent and a life is a tragedy. If you do get a chance to watch the film, let me know what you think.
    I've appreciated a lot of what you've said in recent months. I'm glad you've been here. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving, PureX.
    nice, I've been meaning to get back to drawing abstract art and maybe take up water or oil paint.....one of those things on the back burner.....
    I wanted to rep your post in the "Mankind Problem" post, but I am out of reps.
    Since I can't rep you again yet: Your Apologetics thread is exactly what my experiences with people who feel thrown out of the church or who have grown in different religious traditions lead to. Too many church people are so mired in their own orthodoxy (many to the point that it's a completely different language from what the everyday person speaks) that they cling to it more desperately than they do the simple commands to love God and love one's neighbor.
    BTW, I WAS a professional topnotch finish carpenter (just a rough place to work at the time). So I know what I'm talking about: You are excellent.
    My art and here I worked for an artist and did illustrations for a newspaper at one time, so you were correct.

    Your woodwork is exceptional.
    Things is OK, I guess.

    It's winter up here and I am currently snowed in. It's about 10F degrees outside and the wind is blowing hard. So I'm stuck inside. But I am remodeling the basement soar least I have a project to keep me busy.

    How about you? It must be getting hot down under. I think about Australia often. It's been quite a while since I was there, but it made a big impression on me. I really like the country and the people I met, there. Though I confess I didn't see the big red interior. Only the area in and around Sydney, Cambarra, and the southeast coast of NSW. I would love to go there again and visit Tasmania, Melbourne, and the south coast. Someday, maybe.
    Yes... I'd heard of it. I'm really glad to hear it's that good and I've got Netflix so I'll definitely go look it up.

    I love Nick Cave, I think he's brilliant.

    I love Patty Griffin (and know you're a big fan) so thanks for putting her video up there too.
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