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  • Dear Sherman,
    I do hope that your weekend is pleasant and also somehow that you might be joyful, looking forward to His Return for us!! You can trust me!! I like this snowfall!! You're so imaginative!!!
    In Christ, Much Care And Love,
    :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9:
    Interesting. Well, that's the important thing. On my end, I hit the post button and literally nothing happens. No notice, no screen alteration. Nada. :idunno:
    Don't know if this is just me or my connection, but every time I report spambot posts (two today) the screen never advances, gives no indication that anything has I open another window. Isn't it supposed to do something that lets us know the report is sent?
    Good grief! The change here was sudden. When we left for church at 8:15 it was in the low 70s and muggy. I could see the wind come in and whip the treetops while we were in service (great view and lots of glass in the old church). Less than an hour later, as we went to leave, it was cold and windy. Remarkable. It's 51 now and I'm fine with that. 29? Nonononononono thanks. :)
    This is going to be the best Christmas ever. :eek: Jack is rushing about, excited. Cold weather is here. And I've done all the shopping I need to do. :cheers: I like the snow, by the way.
    Shermy, can you tell me how to delete visitor msg's ? I check the box, then go to moderation tools, I check the delete msg box and hit proceed, but nothing happens.
    Dear Sherman,
    I think the world of you!! You are a very good person and I am so honored to know you. That is not flattery. I hate and despise flattery. Just letting you know my feelings. I am having some book reviews done. If you want to rate my book, you can do so at I think you have to type in the name of the book and then rate it. Was it a good book?? I will understand if you don't feel that it was. Rut, you have an excellent day!! Hey, my birthday is coming up soon. When is your birthday?? You can PM me if you wish to respond to this VM privately. Much Love Abounding And Tons Of Respect For You!!
    Dear Sherman,
    Thanks so much for all of your help with my Creation thread. I decided that I didn't want to commit to it again. Too time-consuming for me, because I used to try to read everyone's posts and I got swamped most of the time. It got to be where I could not even do it. I'll keep in touch!! Much Of God's Love to You!! Michael
    Dear Sherman,
    Thank you for helping me with my Visitor Messages. I was going to ask you to do that because I don't know how to delete VM's. I'm quite pleased with how Patrick Jane is handling his new Creation thread and it seems like more people are posting on his thread. Can't beat that! I will continue to be a member here though, no problem there. I love everyone here too much. I was just in limbo about PJ wanting me to open my old Creation thread and I didn't know what to do. But seeing that everyone is at home with his thread, I am very happy!! Thank you so extremely much for helping me be rid of some VMs. I think you are a very kind moderator. That is putting it mildly!!
    I would really appreciate it if no one was banned from my WHMBR! thread, as they're more helpful to the cause to restore decency than harmful.

    Sherman, I created a thread last night and Untellectual totally derailed it
    with way off the topic comments. Could you talk to him about that? He
    destroyed it.
    I think I have a solid strategy in place for dealing with trolls, who shouldn't really be in charge of the thread anyway. For a while my idea was to close Quizote's for a day when I posted the Gazette then open it after people who mostly go there to read it have a chance to do so. I think that remains a good idea, but it needs to be understood by anyone who looks in. So instead of, closed for an indefinite time I'm thinking of posting around noon on any given day with a notice that the thread will reopen in two hours. Anyone who doesn't read it in that narrow window can just search for it. But it gives the three and a half to four thousand eyes a chance to easily access and the trolls who want to whine about it the remaining twenty-two to practice character assassination. :eek:
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