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    The Joys of Catholicism

    Can't understand the post. Lol.
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    Doppler Effect & the Int'l Space Station - Nov 3 2023

    PWDennis: When relativity theory is defended, people tend to say GPS wouldn't work without it. Are the GPS calculations also merely Doppler calculations?
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    Weird clock

    That's one way to put it. :D
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    Israel (the modern country)

    Oh, the humanity.
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    Weird clock

    Have you got it in an area of especially low gravity?
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    Israel (the modern country)

    The entire Internet has a go... :D
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    Israel (the modern country)

    I think so. Some guy said that Muslim extremists and Christian extremists were the same and I asked him for an example. Then the entire Internet started mocking me. More than 10 million views and 6,000 replies and shares. Lol.
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    Israel (the modern country)
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    Israel (the modern country)

    I'm getting ratioed on X. :D
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    Young Universe Cosmology with Dr. Phillip Dennis

    Does that rely on the assumption of the constancy of light speed regardless of reference? That's a rhetorical question. :D
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    Scientists Discover a Secret Ocean Floor

    Even with cracks, gravity doesn't take water very deep — although, to be fair, CM probably means pressure. And, yeah, at any great depth, the pressure gets too great for gaps. Water inside the Earth will only ever travel upward.
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    The explicitly Biblical evidence for the Flood: Rainbows

    I think the fauna of the time played a role that has been displaced by clouds (and the eradication of the massive trees).
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    The explicitly Biblical evidence for the Flood: Rainbows

    To be fair, the inferences about antediluvian atmospheric conditions are mostly speculation. There are a few Biblical certainties regarding the time. And I think the canopy idea is poisoning the discussion a bit.