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    uh oh canada :(

    Maybe less if they keep whacking their sick people and babies? :unsure:
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    uh oh canada :(

    Coming soon to a U.S. V.A. Facility near you. :D
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    I see this in people all the time...Always makes me laugh. :LOL: Of course; the fact I'm amused by such things may be a mental disorder as well. 🙄
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    Respect for Liz Chaney and Kizinger

    I heard she's trying to get a seat on "The View"...Can anyone confirm? :unsure:
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    Crisis On The Border, Thanks Joe! (you filthy rapist)

    I think it would be interesting, in the present climate, to see the reactions if the President called up the Texas N.G. for something . :unsure:
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    End of Roe Vs Wade?

    Since she had a baby I've never been more "pro" forced-sterilization. 😐
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    Respect for Liz Chaney and Kizinger

    :unsure: One has to wonder how many different variations of "theocracy" one can find milling about in the minds of professing Christians. You might find it interesting to note that my particular brand is a lot closer to the Book of Judges than 1st or 2nd Kings. I've noticed most people like...
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    Green Energy

    My comments have less to do with the utility of the ideas and more to do with the pride involved in supposedly finding something "new" under the sun. ;)
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    Suicidality and the Second Amendment

    Well then, we should outlaw those things.
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    Green Energy

    What next?!? Wind powered ships?!?!….Ho! The wonders of the modern age! :oops: Sailing into 2022 with wind-powered cargo ships
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    Green Energy

    Indeed...The newfangled Band-less music box from Mr. Edison is another! 😃
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    The Mar-A-Lago raid

    Back in the early 90's I dated a woman, for quite some time, who had two kids ...It took them about a month before they started calling me Uncle Buck. 🤣
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    Embalmers Removing Clot Creatures

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    The Mar-A-Lago raid

    :sneaky: Be careful, he or she might call you it also... Hey! Did you know that Captain Marvel was a :poop: movie that tanked in the box-office? :unsure: 😐 Naïve?...You? Naaaahhhhh...Let me know where this is in a year. Maybe I'll grow up by then.