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  • This message is hidden because patrick jane is on your ignore list.

    And will remain on my ignore list. His madness is manifesting and now others are witnessing the effects of his evil mind.
    Truster are you OK? You seem highly emotional lately and mentally unstable. I'm worried about you.
    Oops, I hit 'return' accidentally. I think "Is God/Elohim Nice?" would be a good thread topic. :up:
    You Started The Abusive Comments. Your Memory Is Slipping. If You Make Comments On The Board, Chat Box, PM, or Rep, I will Respond. You Are A Silly Little "man". Your Rep Shows it. Napoleon's Disease ?
    Thank you for the "rep", such as it were. I think BR is thinking seriously about these matters. I am praying and willing to give him the benefit of the doubt assuming some possessed confusion on this or that point.

    Many will claim the sovereignty of God without fully understanding the implications of what said claim entails. Being "confused" is not the same as being willfully entrenched. I am just not ready to place BR in that category.
    Many thanks, Truster. I did finally get confirmation that the store at which I inquired actually had a copy of the booklet. I got a decent deal on shipping (coming from the UK) and hoping it arrives here next week. I also found a reasonable copy of "Saving Faith" on the US Amazon site. Even though it comes from the UK, shipping charges are just the same as if it was sent domestically. Either they have inventory on both sides of the ocean or some deal with the postal service...
    Greetings Truster. I'm afraid I haven't secured a copy. I do have an inquiry in on one at a second hand seller. The copies I did find were expensive - and the publisher required payment in British currency. Sending money by mail is something I hesitate to do (not to mention that the money order would be a little expensive itself). If this inquiry fails, I may take you up on your kind offer.
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