I live therefore I trust.

I am focused on Messiah and the wells of salvation.
Consultant. Now retired.
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On July 17th 1999 @ 10:30am I was saved. I didn't ask nor desire to be saved, but I was, I am and therefore will be in the last day. At that moment in time I was alone, but from that moment on I have never been alone.
Are you a robot?


I know Him, correctly, as Messiah whom you call Christ. Yah Shua whom you call Jesus. Messianists who you call Christians.

"Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm".

I refuse, point blank, to speak peace to the unregenerate, hypocrites, religious dogma lovers and those that oppose the following statement:
A regenerate man trusts in the evangelism of salvation conditioned on the atoning blood and imputed justness of Messiah alone.
If you are fully persuaded, by experience, of this delightful, beautiful and life giving doctrine then I love you as a brother.

Anyone who thinks that salvation is conditioned on anything a man thinks, does or says is atheist. I cannot and will not speak peace to him or her.

I don't make statements online that I wouldn't repeat in front of my Maker, my grandmother or a judge.