Jacob and Esau, two brothers, two nations: GEN 25:19-28:9


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PARASHAH: TOLDOT (generations) GENESIS 25:19-28:9

This study starts out with the generations of Abraham and Sarah. After years of waiting and praying they finally had Yitzchak. The legacy continues, and the promise of YHVH is revealed once more, but not without testing of faith. Yitzchak and Riv'kah also have to wait, about 20 years, yet they prayed and entreated the LORD to have a child. “The prayer of the righteous prevails” the following is from the Talmud (B. Yevamot 64: a)

“Why were our ancestors barren? Because the Holy One (blessed be He) longs to bless the prayers of the righteous”

Since Yitzchak and Riv’kah were righteous, and part of the covenant promise, YHVH (in HIS timing) answered their prayer. Does that mean that ALL prayer is answered? Yes, it is, but not always the way we want Adonai to answer it. The answer comes in three forms; Yes, No, and “later on” The sick are prayed over, and many are healed, others are prayed for, and YHVH takes them home. It doesn't mean to stop praying or pray once, God likes “continuous prayer” I prayed for 40 years for the LORD to reveal to me my biological family, and finally, about 4 years ago, HE DID! But in HIS timing.

The birth of “B'nei Yitzchak v’ Riv’kah” came as a surprise, “twins inside” and the battle ensued. Yet the LORD speaks to Riv'kah saying:

“Two nations are in your womb, two peoples shall be separated from your body; One people will be stronger than the other, and the older shall serve the younger”

When we look at this today, we see the prophecy revealed plainly as day. From “Ya'akov”, we get “Am Yisrael” the (Nation of Israel), and from “Esav” we get the name “Edom” which is almost the same as “Adam” with the exception of the “o” or in Hebrew the letter “Vav” (v) If we look at the paleo-Hebrew, one could get the symbolism of “Esau” who was made of “Blood and spirit” was connected (Vav) to “chaos” Esav was a “man of the earth, disinterested in spiritual things, he was materialistic, he related more to the “red” earth than the things of God. From “Esav/Edom” we get Haman (the Agagite) and from Haman, the nation of “Rome” was founded.

Rome was stronger and conquered a good part of the world, and Israel was under the yoke of Rome, YET today, we look at Israel, it has the strongest, and one of the most advanced and modern Militaries in the world. And it was indeed an honor to serve under the IDF as a volunteer for six weeks back in 2015.

Jacob and Esau, are twin brothers but two separate nations, two brothers, yet worlds apart, One spiritual, interested in the things of God, the other, interested in the things of the world. Esau and Jacob represent the world of today. We have the “lost” and “un-repented mankind” and we have the “born again believers” which include ALL who have accepted Yeshua the Messiah as LORD and Savior, doesn't matter if we are Sabbath observing messianic believers or a Sunday, church going believer, we are ALL part of God's family.

Yet we see that Jacob exhibited “carnal behavior” he wanted things “his way” yet when God sent Jacob to uncle Laban's “school of hard Knocks” he came out different... (but that is in the next parashah). Jacob symbolizes “all believers” both carnal and spirit-filled. We ALL have growing and maturing to go through on this side of heaven.

I would like to take a look at three names; Adam, Edom, Esau, Jacob/Israel. How are we like these names? Adam and Edom are spelled almost the same. Adam was the first man made in the “image of Elohim” he was made from the earth, “Edom” means “red” perhaps the earth with which Elohim made Adam was a reddish color. Esau was a carnal man, and gave in to his hunger and ate of Jacob’s “red” lentil stew. Adam was made perfect in all ways, yet sin broke fellowship between him and God, thus, sin was passed down to all generations. Esau and Jacob, one could say were like “twins”. Yet one sought after spiritual things and the other, after carnal things. Jacob and Esau symbolize the spiritual man and carnal man, yet we can decide which “man” we want to follow and emulate.

"Ya'akov" is "Jacob" (James in English). This name comes from the root word "Ekev" which is "heel." One of the Hebraic meanings is "to follow". The heel follows the rest of the body. It has to be since it is the hind part of the foot. When Ya'akov came out of Riv'kah's womb, he was holding on to Esav's heel. Spiritually, Jacob was following Adonai, and the things of Adonai.

Ya'akov stayed at the campsite, did things to help around the campsite, helping Rebecca and Isaac with chores I assume. He was a "man who dwelt in tents". This is interesting because the word "tents" in Hebrew is "Ohelim" and if we re-arrange the letters, we get the name "Elohim" So, to be in the tents is to study Torah and learn about Elohim.

Another interesting thing is that Esav and Ya'akov" symbolize the 1st and 2nd Adams. Esav was born first, so being the "1st Adam" who sinned. Ya'akov was born second, thus being the "2nd Adam" who is "Yeshua". Interesting symbolism here.

Esau despised his birthright for lentil stew, we can see the same today, many people will prefer a life of sin, money, fast cars, drugs, fame, you name it, and reject the gift of God, “Salvation” (YESHUAH) and then “perish” for all eternity. That's kind of like “exchanging” Eternal life with God for a “temporary life” of comfort and ease, riches, etc. Just doesn't make sense, does it?

We can also see this in believers. As believers, we have the “Esau” nature, and the “Jacob” nature. The “Esau” nature is our carnal sin nature, which responds to the flesh, but the “Jacob” nature, is our “spirit-filled” nature which is attracted to the things of the spirit, the things of God. It is our choice, to choose which “nature” governs our lives.

The time of blessing comes, Isaac is old and blind, and there has been a family “division” Esau “Loved” Esau (because of his wild game) yet Rebecca “loved” Jacob. Does that mean that Isaac didn't love Jacob and Rebecca didn't love Esau? No, only means that there were “family favorites” which is a big NO, if we are to live in peace with our children today, even between “students and teachers” no favorites, please!

We see in Chap 27, that Jacob passes for Esau, and Esau gets the shorter end of the stick. Taking advantage of poor Isaac's blindness, there is a saying “The chickens come home to roost” and “What goes around, comes around” We will see LATER, what happens, Jacob is the younger, and pretends to be the older. When Jacob gets married, he thinks he's getting the younger daughter but gets the older daughter. Jacob deceives Isaac in his “darkness” (blindness) and Jacob gets deceived being in “darkness” (nighttime, dark tent) and maybe he had too much to drink to know who got in bed with him.

Esau doesn't change, he marries a “Hittite” woman and then gets another wife from his uncle Ishmael, all to “get back” (maybe) at Isaac for giving away his birthright, but didn't he already sell it? Hello?

So, the question is; “Jacob or Esau” who do we resemble most? It might be a thought-provoking question, but it is a question we must ask ourselves. We may be born-again believers, yet if our thoughts are earthly, and God’s Word doesn’t fill our minds daily. If our daily life is more carnal than spirit-filled, and our words are less than kosher, then, we would have to be honest with ourselves and say; “We are Esau!” yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

If we say; “I take after Jacob!” then, are we guided by God’s Word, his Spirit? Remember that his name was changed to “Israel” (Yashar-El) “Straight to God” Do our thoughts go “straight to God?” Are we living our own lives, or are we living the “God-in-us” lives? Is it really our life or God’s life that is within us?


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“Two nations are in your womb, two peoples shall be separated from your body; One people will be stronger than the other, and the older shall serve the younger”
YHWH said her distress was because the twins were fighting hard to kill each other, to crush each other to pieces, because, HE implied, they each wanted to be first born...

Strong's Concordance: 7533. ratsats, to crush to pieces, NT to jostle for room....
Original Word: רָצַץ
Transliteration: ratsats which in the Hithpo`el form denotes reciprocal action, ie, they were each trying to murder the other...

How do you reconcile their having knowledge of the law of Hebrew primogeniture and their own futures with their being supposedly tabula rasa, infants with no cognitive abilities at all?


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Perhaps Adonai inbred this into their souls, it was alive inside the womb, yet once outside, lay dormant (just an idea)


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Perhaps they were some of the sons of GOD who sang HIS praise when HE gave proof of HIS divinity and eternal power by the creation of the physical universe as per Job 38:7 and Romans 1:18-20 and before conception He discussed with them some things about the lives they would have once they were sown into the world of mankind, Matthew 13:36-38...