Kentucky clerk who refused gay couples taken into federal custody; ordered jailed


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Didn't take long :think:



like marbles on glass
are you okay with your name on the license for a same sex marriage?

answer that question you gutless wonders

She doesn't have to have her name on the license, she didn't have to go to jail. Vacating her position would have avoided both.

Someone else can take the position who will allow the legal granting of marriage licenses to go forward.


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her name is printed on the license

do you understand that?
OK. I do see why she would be a martyr in that case. But why didn't she leave?

I guess I was turned off by hearing she was married four times. And that she is planning a book.

I need a better martyr, and then you will hear me cheering.
Now be nice, good ol' Chryso :D


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She is a civil servant. It is her job to issue marriage licenses. It is now federal law that same sex partners can be married. If she can't or won't do her job then she should have quit. It is that simple.

no surprises here
the real test is what would a real christian do

who is willing to go to jail over this?