Quantum Entanglement Part I


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This is the show from Friday, January 13th, 2022


*Lock-Down Damage Documented: Fred and Doug McBurney quote a study reported in sciencenews.org documenting the actual brain damage done by the lock-downs.

*Disentangle: Fred steps out on a limb to warn those around him to get their kids out of the psychologically and spiritually damaging, perverted government schools!

*Good News: The Plot 2nd Edition has been released! Get the book that has helped thousands better understand the details of the Bible, by better understanding the big picture.

*Einstein’s Tangled Web: Find out some of the reasons the late great Bob Enyart spent so much time trying to understand and explain quantum theory, and in particular quantum entanglement. The quantum entanglement of particles, (their seeming ability to share or exchange information no matter how far apart they might be) has been proven in a number of different experiments. And there were even a few Nobel prizes awarded for confirming such “spooky” entanglement in 2022!

*Big Stink: We are more and more convinced as time goes by that people who pretend to THINK BIG about the origin, and behavior of the universe apart from a creator think smaller and smaller all the (space)time.

*Café Heaven: If you haven't heard our show asking "Do Dogs go to Heaven?'', get yourself some Door County Coffee, tee-up the show and let us know what you think after you listen!