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  • LOL..touche. When it comes to a war of wits with me, I will forewarn you my friend by telling you what I told a big junkie years ago when 5 of us surrounded him to arrest him for mopery with intent to creep and he silently counted out how many of us there were:

    "You're not going to win".
    You're a wise woman LK. I find myself writing things that really are kinda confusing to me when I converse with Barberella.
    You're welcome Kett. I remember growing up going to clam and crab feeds at the Lodge my dad belonged to. When he passed away this past summer, a couple of my cousins who are also Masons, wanted to have a short "rite" done at his graveside service. I remember how green the Christian pastor got when it was mentioned to him (he also presented a nice presentation). They met privately and all went well. Obviously there is some doctrinal concern, but I'm basing my knowledge of Freemasonry on the good men that I've known that were and are ones.
    I could never condone either one. Although I don't enter the same-sex marriage discussions, it's not from lack of a strong position. There's no place or precedent for a legal recognition of same-sex marriage. Although if I did I'd definitely bring in Gramscian marxism which is a designed and calculated destruction of moral values in the home, church, arts and society. Gramsci aimed for internal rot over external revolution. It has worked. I can PM you some pertinent info on him if you're interested. The link to it no longer works and it's too long to put it here.
    Just one quick question: Is your lower lip quivvvvering like your buddies when I respond to what YOU wrote on my profile page?
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