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  • Yeah, and I reported it in general then appealed to Delmar particularly for its removal. He should be put in the box for that, but he's been given so much license where I'm concerned I have no real idea what will happen about it.
    Likely. I'm out of the report business, but I had to report his latest, which he made before signing out:

    are you a pedophile yourself, or are you paid by pedophiles to act as their shill?

    He's that deranged by his impulse issues, apparently. Good grief.
    Yeah..while I do use the who is online feature when I first log on to see where a couple of posters who interest me are (and it's a great way to find new threads if you don't want to go section by section) I don't use it to watch people I'd rather avoid, which is why the TH/proponent thread by zip sees my first entry and answer at post #79. And I think someone nudged me or who knows how long it might have been before I knew about it...:)
    Oh, there was something more go on. Evidently this new police chief is corrupt, and he had been harassing and doing *other things* to the gal that was living there. Yesterday, he was placed on administrative leave.
    Yeah, not sure what it was all about. The police left and the couple is out on their porch talking to my son.
    Oh, I am fine. They weren't here for us, but rather the next door neighbor. I don't know what happened with them.
    Of course you can. No idea why that would pop up. You're on the list. :idunno: I keep getting that "account suspended" page, so let's attribute the whole thing to Gremlins. :eek:
    I'm telling! I bet she could beat you senseless! Those kind ones always know how to fight! :D
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