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  • No sense arguing this point in the thread but it was you who I ejected the word 'scientist'. Have an awesome day
    Hi CB, I commend some of your points on the 'moderation' issue and 'name-calling'. Hope your also considering my contributions to the discussion :) -I've been marginalized over the Urantia Book issue, but have corrected these misconceptions, but the term 'UFO-cult' is still wrongly applied to the book, - many also think all I believe in or promote is the UB which is false, I merely use it to engage in religious discussion and philosophy. Anyways,....I'm always available for dialogue. Peace
    I appreciated your attempt to school Cam with a statics and dynamics lesson wrt the WTC collapse. I really hated that sequence of courses which were required for all EEs. We EEs used to make fun of the "metal bender" MEs in the statics/dynamics classes, and the topic gave me fits in my EIT exam, but knowing these things have proved useful in the wake of 9/11.
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