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  • Sorry for not replying early - I mostly used TOL on the app when I'm free.

    Yes Islam is perfect return to the religion of Abraham.

    So what, would you say, is the Prophet supposed to have corrected concerning Christianity?

    The Trinity is supposed to have been one such issue - but one doesn't need to be a Trinitarian to be a Christian.

    Many things. From the top of my head some of these are:

    * The falsehood of Original Sin
    * The teaching that only Israel was blessed with scripture
    * The teaching that atonement is only through the spilling of blood
    * The concept of the Trinity
    * The concept of seeking intercession through Saints or through Virgin Mary
    * The thought that Jesus is the begotten SON of God. That he shares sovereignty or essence or attributes with God.
    * The thought that there is a theological significance for the death of Jesus
    Instead of trying to fix someone, you need to know what Christianity is all about, dear.
    Whether it is my job or not it is not for you to decide. You are not my Lord, dear.

    You need to stop playing Christian, friend.

    Your comments are full of mainstreamer's clichés.
    What position you are in is your fruit of your faith.

    Fruit is main part of faith.
    It is important -but not the most important thing. See 1 Cor 13.

    And I do not make light of Jesus' teachings nor misrepresent him with "wicked and evil deeds." Honestly, meshak, what have I done that you would claim such about me?
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