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  • I had my wife check her PMs and saw your message. I’ll correspond with you there when I get a chance. I’m a Physician’s Assistant and I work 75-hour weeks with overnight double shifts, so my time right now is fairly limited. Maybe we should consider email to bypass TOL altogether.
    Form (grammar) and meaning (semantics) are now forced into primarily a text-to-reader translational process, which (though necessary intitially) is an incomplete and insufficient manner of understanding for only general comprehension; while a reader-to-text approach causes the readers of a translated text to suspend the authority of the recipient language to evaluate the veracity of the original text from its own structure. Superimposing major interpretational understandings in arrears and in the reverse is the height of eisegesis and translational error.

    English does not determine Greek meaning. Rather it is to represent it as authentically as possible, which it can do. But not by a restricted text-to-reader entitlement, especially when so many language resources are available to Believers in this era of information.
    It’s heartening to hear that God has kindled this hunger for His Word in you. Indeed, the modern presuppositions in English is highly problematic. It all begins from approaching scripture with a flawed series of lenses by which to attempt to view its content and context FOR concepts. The ancient and Apostolic manner of approaching scripture and the gospel was preeminently apocalyptic and cosmological, while the more modern inversion has emphasized the secondaries of eschatological and anthropological emphases.
    Though I’m no longer on TOL very often, I’ve frequently checked my subscribed threads in recent weeks and seen your Rep comments. They are humbling and edifying, and I’m very glad that my words are ministering truth to a hear that receives such. So you’ll know, Alethiophile is my wife. She was only on TOL for a brief time and became weary with all the nonsense.
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