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  • I just checked the thread and I believe I mixed up your name with timothius.

    I hope I did not give false testimony.

    It was honest mistake.

    Was I wrong about you?
    I liked your thread about never-ending torture for non-believers and I agree with you.

    I thought you were one of decent Christians here which is very rare, imo.
    I hadn't looked it up yet, so thanks. And now I know. :)

    That's quite an impressive list. I don't know who's better at slang, you or us, but I think we both put in a good show. :)
    I should have added "Present company excluded." w/rt text editors. Ah well, we can't be perfect, especially in rep messages.
    Hi Rainee. I think numinous would be a better term than religious: a sense of awe and wonder at the universe, it's scale, complexity, its power and logical structure. I can't speak for Sagan, but I imagine his belief in ETs was more of a statistical expectation: if life forms on a suitable planet just once every million times, then you'd expect there to be hundreds of millions of instances of life. There are just so many planets!

    A scientist's belief is not a faith, it's a trust in the methods and theories based on a history of successful predictions. Science is an awesome human construct, but trusting its methods is not the same as a religious faith. Although it is possible to hold both religious and scientific beliefs at the same time, with some limitations, I do not.
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