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  • Anytime sweetie, and that pony offer is great, you do know i was posting those pics to res though because he keeps saying he wants a pony in lots of threads and he was pretending he was crying ....
    Thanks hun, i just wanted you to know i felt for you, if something had happened and that i sympathized (((hug)))
    I am attempting to remove you from my friend list, but the system befriended you instead. I want no more ever to do with you.
    Thank you! I've always enjoyed your as well.

    Even over the time I was gone, I'd make an occasional effort to find your posts for a lift of encouragement. :)
    No, I've had one position from the start. I wasn't "caught up" in the anger, nor was I surprised when I saw it coming out. I recognized immediately that it was a byproduct of the women's movement, and HUMANISM. There has been a great deal of indoctrination going on....not just among women but many men as well. I've seen this same thing for years now. I live in the middle of lib land. I'm used to this anger. I see it everywhere and I see it for what it is. A matter-of-fact common sense person, such as myself, is not a stranger to this. One only gets "caught up" in the anger when one is unaware of where it's coming from. I'm not.
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