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  • Yes, I knew you were an old-timer here, but wanted to let you know I was glad to see you here and about once again. As you can see things have not changed much, only that the site is suffering from neglect and often seems to be in its death throes.
    Thank you for answering my questions, it is much appreciated!
    I asked your first name and where you are in the South to make sure I don't know you in real life. Though you may be unhappy with this site (perhaps only for now) my biggest concern with it is it's giganticness. The chances of me running into a Calvie I know increases with the size and popularity I fear.
    Anyway, Glad to see you yet again! And I hope you are able to unwind enough to enjoy the people here for who they are and what they can offer .
    Give it time? I've been enriched, rebuked (and needed it) and really surprised
    at how great the Spirit of God works in believers even with differences, and
    even have felt love for humans a little more (which may just be my time of life, who knows :eek: )
    Hi Mr Grit,
    Glad to see you again.
    I'm no angel tho. :shocked:

    But I am confused, may I ask you some questions?
    If you have so few points how do you get to put up a big - and special - avatar? Is that not something earned?
    How do you know so much about how to work the site regarding rep points and such?
    How do you have a pic on your personal page?
    Why do you have an album - that is empty?
    What is your first name?
    What area of the South are you from?
    (Just slipped those last two in hoping you would fall for answer them as part of a roll)

    Have a good one. :)

    Oh, and please remember, Mr Grit, many believers think Calvies are not right, there are many things they do not understand about Calvies - and are offended by them. Indeed from a few point of views they can't approve of Calvies.
    Maybe you will win them over?
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