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  • Yes, we are nuts! lol I slept in this morning, because I was able to....otherwise I would have been sleeping a lot sooner than that.
    I do hope your horse takes to the new shoes and that she will be okay. I have prayed for her and the situation, let me know how it goes.
    I can't tell you how many times I have tried to teach women that working within God's parameters doesn't make a woman weak or subservient puny. They always like to point out Deborah but in the wrong way. She was awesome doing what she did but she knew her place and told Barak as much. An entire nation was shamed because Barak didn't get it. How awesome it would be if more men got it?! How easy it would be to be a submissive freeing.
    hehe it sure does. The thing is, some of them do not understand what is being said. It is because people think submission is a bad thing, when it is infact a very good thing. It is like the Christians think they have to defend the Bible and make it sound like it is not telling wives to submit. It is silliness because there are countless verses. They react against sinful desires to usurp authority and perhaps experience in or seeing bad, ungodly marriages. There is nothing so freeing as a good, Christian marriage...for both the man, woman and the children.
    There's a lot of misunderstanding around the subject too, which doesn't help.

    One thing that many will agree on though is that it has caused a lot of harm... and a bit of helpfulness for the female gender.

    I'd tackle some of that tonight, but I feel tired and would not do it justice. Perhaps tomorrow?

    You are blessed! :)
    You are making me laugh, you sound like a fun lady =)

    I do not know...I get too busy to eat then grab a can of tuna or salmon in water. Thing I didn't eat my "breakfast" until 1:30 pm!

    I am usually busy working, but sheesh, ever since I joined,...this forum has sucked me right in!
    Is that your actual breakfast?? Looks yummy!
    Ya ya, state my lame breakfast menu for all to see! lol
    Yesterday it was salmon. hehe
    Thanks for the rep. My daughter-in-law is Messianic Jew born in Tel Aviv. She lives here now. Interesting how the theology differs so little. Blessings to you.
    :nono: Beer is a benefit of both the amiable acquaintance as well as the real friendship. Well, that and nachos. :plain:
    I've noticed many of my conversations revolve around food. There's a message in that, I think.
    :think: Are you saying beer and benefit, or that without it you have beer? Because if the latter you might be an alcoholic. . . :eek:
    I think that's the foundation of real friendship and that without it all anyone really has is an amiable acquaintance. :cheers:
    Any time. And don't let him get to you. It's not an argument that can be won...any argument with zip is futile unless you simply enjoy arguing. He may reconsider, but only if he decides to for his own reasons. I think in the long run he's going to be fine. At present he's his age coupled with his education and the rest is nearly inevitable.
    No need to thank me. I appreciate your honesty and civility. As far
    my spiritual condition, I am still conflicted but yet a work in progress.
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