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  • The best possible reading isn't yours to determine. At least not for me.

    Else, I told you repeatedly that we differed and noted you're not obliged to agree or participate. That's as fair as I think anyone can be...when you meet that with "I'm sorry you don't agree with Scripture" ...literally every zealous member of the Body dividing it begins with that sort or premise. I hoped it would shock you into reconsideration.

    That said my rebuke was pretty mild: I'm sorry you won't distinguish between your understanding, a different understanding and the thing itself.

    That's why I mostly stake my witness among those in salvific need. I don't have to worry about your salvation, no matter what we think of our different exegesis. You're in the family. The people being misled are drowning in sin. They need to be disabused of the notion that Dawkins and his ilk have a life preserver of rationality.
    The problem with asking anyone to read a thing is that the moment you've done that you've biased them. And people who may not give a fig for me or may be indifferent but who are already inclined to you and your defense will be looking for something that is amiss and be by the nature of your inquiring at all (and due in part to a public difference putting a necessarily adversarial face to it), reading for the negative.

    It's not a very reliable litmus. And certainly less reliable than the word of a friend on what they actually intended by what they literally wrote.
    Not brook? To the demonstrable contrary, I only just rather publicly said I'm not trying to change your mind on the issue of my latest thread, but that I don't agree. I've said that more than once and my public affection for and friendships with any number of people who fundamentally disagree with me stands against the notion I have a problem with difference.

    It's like this to me, all we owe one another is honesty and the approach to that you'd expect between friends. That means I give you the best possible reading as to your intentions and I expect the same from you. And if I have a problem I come to you with it.

    But be absolutely clear on this, I gave you an honest answer. No obfuscation in it.
    As a rule I find that if I have a question about something someone else writes the person to ask is that person...I've never offered something to offend that wasn't responsive to an offense and half the time not even then. The only thing I can tell you is that if it ever happens again don't ask whoever you asked this time because they got it wrong.
    It does when you think on it. Not every extremist is racist, but every racist is extremist, by way of further illustrating.
    About isn't that every zealot is a fundamentally and emotionally skewed individual, but that every emotionally and fundamentally skewed individual tends to be. :eek:
    That's nice ... though it's not my issue. Sorry for bothering you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Nah, I have always given you pos rep as well as vocal support. I have never bashed your religious beliefs.

    But that's fine. I apologize for the positive rep and anything I said that I felt was remotely supportive towards you.
    You're the best, IMJerusha!!! Just wanted to let you know that you are a fantastic and loving, and wise person!! God Always Be With You!! Don't EVER give up your faith, no matter what happens. We will all be tested and the devil will say that we are stuck in hell forever, but don't believe him. Defeat death and hell. Many Blessings, Hon!!
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