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  • Would need exact model number of the laptop to know what it has for certain.

    If you have no WiFi set up in your home then an ethernet to WiFi adapter would not be useful. How do you connect to the internet via your laptop at present? Ethernet to a cable modem? Does your cable modem have wireless connectivity options as most newer versions come with this to enable WiFi around the home.

    I need exact model numbers of all your equipment and can then recommend how you would set things up.
    Keeping you in prayer, Kat! I could have sworn you were on my friends list but when I looked today, I couldn't see you there. I've sent you a request to remedy that.
    The situation at home is unchanged. The wife has good and bad days, but I am grateful for them all just to be near her.
    Yesterday she reported a post of mine in the Cub Reporters thread. This is her comment on the report:

    "TOL is for discussion. Evidently Town wants to control how and when that occurs."

    This is the post she reported:
    Now that Sod has established his He-Man credentials.

    Race Report (and I'm closing for a bit due to Sod's "see me" issue. Give the lad a chance to go outside and fly a kite or something. )

    Now, on to the back stretch and in a relatively relaxed field the lead belongs to GM (9), some two full lengths ahead of a dead heat contest by Nang, Stripe, Doom and an unusually strong showing by yours truly (7). Trailing by a length but still in the hunt come a game Nick M, Sod by his side (6). Angel is the only horse with an outside chance of getting into the thick of it, but she has ground to cover (4) some five lengths of the lead with only the straight away left to do it over.

    She's just mad about them not being able to spam at will. It's a bit sad.
    I'm sorry to hear about your health. It sounds as though you like rough and tumble guy movies. Chris Kyle was not only that, but I suspect that he was a Christian, as he carried a small Bible everywhere that he went.
    It gets funnier. Eeset "reported" a post in Cub Reporters to whine that I closed the thread after Sod spammed it with personal nonsense repeatedly. I think that segues into his "dialog" (by which he means the freedom to troll) thread.

    Remarkable hubris.
    I don't credit him with real zeal. I think he uses what's handy. I don't think he's invested in much more than his own passion and its misapplication. The odd thing is I tend to take a fairly even look at our shared culture. I wasn't pumping sunshine, only trying to get idiots intent on crying "Hang Lee!" and "Traitor!" to calm down and consider what that sentiment tends to mask...like the old song goes, "From molasses, to rum, to slaves."
    That's him. I think he was koban when he used that one. Then SOD, then resurrected and now resodko. I think he finds vents for his life frustrations in lieu of changing what really needs changing to get a contextually different outcome.
    All Eeset is doing is trying to give her buddy another crack at me through the state. Sad, juvenile and low...should be their collective motto.
    Chimed in on the alcohol thread. Thanks for the nudge on Lee. He was wrong, but I understand him. I breath differently when I come home to my river. :) And I couldn't have fought family either...though I'd defend them and still do, including cousin Robert.
    Time informs so much, if not everything. I didn't know you were born in France to be honest, a bit better than the North East of England I reckon...:eek: I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and I hope that improves rather than goes, and I detest winter with a passion also!
    Of course you aren't, and I'd never describe you as anything like that anyway. :) I hope you're doing okay?
    Why choose? :eek: I don't mind stupid, but when someone confuses it with a public virtue it's...problematic. And when someone without a real grasp, who doesn't appear to have made an effort at it, insists on wearing that like a badge of pride it's just insufferable really. :e4e:

    I am one. Arsenios is another. I suppose there are many that don't immediately come to mind and will let you know another time.
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